Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why do men ?....

How often do you find a comic that fits you perfectly ?Well Guppy did the other day and e-mailed it to me .It was so funny at how close to the same exact conversation that we have had SEVERAL times with each other is portrayed in this comic ...I am sure some of you can realate ...Why do men not feel the need to change out of good clothes to do a dirty task ?They ruin perfectly good clothes and then bitch that they do not have any good pants to wear some place nice ...HELLO ...does this make sense to any female out there ?HEY MEN...ALL CLOTHES ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL !!!!!lol Have a great Tuesday ya'll :


  1. woohoo...I am so glad you are back!

  2. LOL too funny!

    Good to see you back! I hope you have a great Tuesday yourself! Take care!

  3. Anonymous12:32 PM

    in our house we've learned it's best not to let my husband paint at all!

  4. ahahah! Same discussion in our house but paint can be any number of things including paint such as wall texture, spray foam, concrete, super glue.. well really the point is - why do they wear their nice cloithes to do such things? Do they think a magazine crew is going to show up and shoot a DYI artical spontanously from our homes?

  5. LMao yeah really ...That is funny stuff right there .I had not thought about it that way but that is funny....

    work on the car ....mow wet grass in brand new white tennis shoes when he has a green pair to mow in already ?
    WTH is the deal ..lol ?

  6. Ya'll just don't understand....

    Clothing is worn because it has to be.... Not for how nice it may look. Paint, Grass, oil, and other stains just make it look cooler. If something needs to get done, it does not require a wardrobe change... you just do it.

    Next thing you know ya'll will be bitchin about wrinkles too.

  7. lmao ...don't get me started about wrinkles ...lol

  8. lmao.. yep, that's about right. Scorpio got paint on his NICE levi's I got for his b-day...


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