Saturday, January 21, 2006

Birthday countdown and Barbie wishlist

Well I am one of THOSE You know the ones that count down to their birthday and then have a whole birthday week.I use to always take the day off of school and as I got older I would always take a personal day off at work. That day was all about I am not a selfish person normally but I must admit that on that day I like it to be all about me :) That could be terrible but it's truth. I figure God doesn't make mistakes or junk , it is the day I was born and THAT is reason to celebrate!!! So in 13 days on February 3rd I will be turning 31!!! Last year when I turned 30 I was so bummed that I was no longer considered a 20 something individual. Now only a year later I am thankful for the fact that I am turning 31 and hope and pray that I get many more years to enjoy Life and God's wonderful blessings and creations. It really amazes me how much I have grown spiritually and emotionally in just one years time.I sometimes look at teens today and think ..."Man it just seems like yesterday that I was your age." I think of how much different they are today then when I was their age and it sometimes makes me feel a lil old All in all though ..I still feel young and full of life ...Sometimes younger then I should I am sure Speaking of younger then I should ...Some of you know that I collect Barbies and have for many years now...I decided to post a Barbie wishlist just for fun ..

Peppermint Obsession Barbie Doll ( she is scented like peppermints ...mmmm)

Hard Rock Cafe Barbie ( picture featured at the top of the post)

Chocolate Obsession Barbie:(she smells like chocolate ..mmm)

Winnie The Pooh Barbie

Mickey Mouse Barbie ( I already have Barbie loves Shrek and she is adorable)

Have a Great Saturday!!!! Don't forget to go visit my new renter ...I will do a write up on her soon :)


  1. We posted at the same time at Michele's PS, so I decided to come and see you. I like chocolate obsession Barbie!

  2. I love the Barbie list! As you know I stop by regularly, maybe not post a comment regularly tho. Here from Michele's today

  3. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Michele sent me today! I just love your blog here! And strangely enough I just re-designed your renter's blog!

    In case I don't make it back here by your birthday, Happy Birthday!! I'm 27 myself and dreading the big 3-0. Is it as bad as I think it will be? LOL I know what you mean about feeling as young as the teenagers you see. I constantly have to remind myself that "I am an adult now". hehehe.

    Anyway, I'm glad to have visited your blog today, and keep up the great work here!

  4. MMMM . . . chocolate Barbie. MSM!

  5. My sister was always a big Barbie head.
    Michele sent me.

  6. great blog! love the barbies! they are so pretty! the only collectibles i have are coca cola barbies! i also have one that has pink streaked hair and i LOVE her... not in the box or anything... just a barbie i took from a box of barbies my dad bought at a garage sale to give to my neice...i got a cute pink outfit for her... i really ought to take a pix of her and put her on my blog as my picture!!!!

  7. oh and i was here cause of michele and cause you visited me! thanks!

  8. Anonymous3:58 PM

    i did the birthday thing a few weeks ago, i'm 48 and feel pretty good about it.
    my bf celebrates her birthday for the entire month, starting off the countdown on the first day of the month, has her birthday on the 20th and then winds down the celebration. i say why not?

  9. lol ...I agree...Why not :)

  10. Turning 30 was great for me. I thought I was officially no longer a kid, but a true adult. Well, so much for turning 30, it took 3 years and now finally people are looking at me as an adult!

  11. Turning 30 ended up being not as traumatic as I thought so I've considered skipping over turning 39 this year and just seeing what it's like to be 40.

    Hi! Michele sent me.

  12. i wonder if they'll ever make a barbie-loving barbie . . . or would that be too redundant.

    thanks for dropping by. to answer your question regarding the haigas -- they just come to me, much in the same way when you stroll down the street and have an inkling to yourself about something you see.

  13. If I see a Suicide Bomber Barbie i will make sure I send it to you. Just dont open the box in case its rigged. :) I know what you mean about teenagers these days, hell Im 27 and in college when Im not travelling the globe and sometimes I feel like a senior citizen when I see them act the way they do. Oh well, see you around the SB and DONT FORGET NICE AND SOFT TP!!!

  14. Anonymous9:09 PM

    I collect Kelly club dolls. I stopped when they changed her look. It didn't last long and now I see they are bringing her back to the old ways. I'm not sure if I want to start again because it can be addictive.

  15. Those Barbie's are pretty, especially that chocolate Barbie! Love the dress. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

  16. Here from Michele this morning...I too am a Chocolate Obsession lover...!

  17. Barbie: not just for little girls anymore.

    Here's hoping your 31st is the best birthday yet. You've got the perfect approach. I wish I could be as enlightened about my birthdays as you are about yours.

  18. mmm, Chocolate Obsession ....

    oh, sorry, back to the land of the living! Michele sent me! My best friend is 26 and she also loves Barbies as she never did growing up. Thanks!

  19. Hey Present Storm

    It took me a while but I figured it out, you came to my blog from Rachel's.
    Thanks for the visit.
    Already I have borrowed--just try to get it back--your 'Daily Blessing.' I tried to change the color and have given up for right now. I think I will get it right, even if I have to ask--I probably will give in--my computer guru son-in-law, Billy.
    We are neighbors of sorts, I live in Montgomery, TX, my kids are in Houston, Deer Park, South Houston, Pasadena, and Katy. All spread around.
    I would like you to come back for another visit.


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