Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Kentucky Girl & Update on me

Well being a girl after my own heart.I just HAD to have her as this weeks tenant.I too, am from Kentucky and often wish I was living there now.It is a very beautiful state.Contrary to popular belief, all Kentucky women do not stay barefoot and pregnant...Some of use do aspire to do more then that.My tenant is from California but raised in Kentucky ...lives in Cali now and wants to be back in Kentucky..I can not say that I blame her in the slightest.I love the country....

Today my poor tenant has the Blah Blah's ....Can you go by and give her a little cheering up?


I went to see the Urologist yesterday and I am feeling very optimistic.I liked him a lot.He really put me at ease.For one by telling me he has seen bigger cysts..lol While all the other Dr.'s kept acting like it was the biggest they had ever seen.I have a mass of cysts ( he made me and Guppy look at them on the CT scan films..it was freaky) That reach from right under my lungs ,fills my whole abdomen down to my uterus ...It is pretty wild.It has my right kidney squished like a little pancake and my bowels are moved over to the side.It is pretty much taking up my whole abdomen and touching everything in there in one way or another.He is wanting to still figure out what it is coming off of...My Kidney,pancreas,etc...He has me scheduled for a MRI on monday.I take the disc from that to him Tuesday.I go Wednesday for pre OP procedures...EKG, blood pressure,blood work ,etc...and if that all comes out fine then on Monday the 13th of February ,I will go into the operating room for a "non-cutting surgery", is what the Dr called it.He will put in a catheter (sp?) and run dye to my kidney and something else too ..lol I can't remember.Luckily they will be putting me out for that lil bit of fun.Hopefully, soon we will get to the bottom of where exactly this thing is attached so we know better what to do with it.He did suggest that it could even be full of Urine.How gross is that? Talking about bloated to the max ..lol Wow what a story that will be if it is true..lol They are researching the possibility of drawing some fluid out with a needle.If that is going to happen ...I really hope they knock me out for that one too.He did say that the general surgeon,the radiologist, his college, and himself have all looked at it, and discussed it, and it does not have cancerous characteristics.Praise God for that!!!!Soooo that is the update so far.Thanks for all the prayers.I know they are working because I have been surprisingly at peace ...Knowing God is in control of everything.That is huge for me...I use to fear everything.God is doing a mighty work in me.I know that this will be used to Glorify his name...

Have a great Tuesday...I must go watch American Idol :)

Psssstttt don't forget to go cheer up my tenant ...Thanks !!!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that your doctor visit was so positive and that you are making progress at getting to the bottom of this problem. You are in my prayers, and I am sending healing thoughts and love your way.

  2. Anonymous1:02 AM

    Thanks for the plug. *heart in throat* Those pictures are beutiful and make me loooong for home. But my sister is coming out to visit and we're going to Disneyland. :D Kentucky girl living in Texas? hehe...spent a great deal of time in TX, too since my dad's from there.

    EEE...sounds like a scary procedure! I pray that everything is a-ok and you'll be all better soon.

  3. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Thank you the update. My God continue to hold you in serentiy while you deal with this ordeal. I know that your belief in him will help you.

  4. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Thank you for updating us Present Storm. I will continue to keep you in my prayers sweet lady.

    I'll be sure to check out your tenant too. ;-)

    Sending hugs and good thoughts your way.


  5. Thanks Present Storm for the up-date. I will keep you in my prayers...

  6. Wow, girl..you are so strong and positive. Much more then I could ever be. I'm such a baby I guess.

    I love KY too. I can't wait to go down in July!! I regret not going all the other summers since I moved here 8 yrs ago. I always had so much fun as a kid..

    Speaking of KY, Elizabethtown comes out this Friday onto DVD. Woo hoo.. if you haven't seen it, rent or buy it..it's great. Love of laughs, smiles, and some tears.

  7. Hey my mom is from Kentucky. Paducah, Ky. I've been there once when I was 8.

  8. I'm glad that you found a doctor who could help you feel more at ease! It sounds like you have alot in front of you, and your positive attitude is amazing! Wishing you the best, and wishing you a speedy recovery! My thoughts and prayers are with you!


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