Sunday, January 22, 2006

Welcome,after bath pics and a guest post

I will start out with a meme- like thingy I seen over at Xtessa's place.I thought it was a cute idea for a day that I was having bloggers block.No time like the present:) It started as a SPF ..Stuff Portrait Friday ...but I missed it on friday and besides, who cares what day I post it I hope she does not mind me changing it up a little.So the assignment was to post pictures of your toothbrush ,towels and lotions. The theme was AFTER BATH..Easy enough ,I thought, so I did it ...

First is my toothbrush..I figured it would look lonely by itself so I took a pic of the toothpaste too.(sorry this pic came out a little dark for some reason)

Next is a picture of the towels.They are not all color coordinated but they are clean :)and hole The top one is a Brats towel of lil ones...I must admit that I like to use hers on my hair.They are much much thinner and not as heavy when used to wrap your hair on top after a shower.

This next picture if stuff I use while in the shower for my body( the sea salt scrub) and face cleanser...the rest is after shower for face...toner,serum,day cream etc...All of it is Arbonne product...great stuff.It is the anti aging line.Even though I am only 30 I feel you can not start to early

Next is a picture of some of my smell good lotions that would go on after the above stuff .It all depends on my mood really .Can you tell I like Bath and Body Works and Victoria Secrets lotion?....Wanna know a secret though?My all time favorite lotion is just plain ol' Nivea :)

I am going to go ahead a tag a few people ..just because But if I have not tagged you and you want to play along, please let me know you did so I can come check it out!!!If you were tagged and you do not want to do it ..that's cool too!!

You are tagged:
Angie(Ficken Chingers)
Texas Ivy
Mighty Mite

Ok I wanted to give a little shout out to a few people ..One ,being my new tenant, Ribbiticus over at Pond Perspective..Her site is super adorable and she is very funny and quite entertaining. I encourage you to go check her out.Plus you can not go wrong with someone that uses one of my favorite words in her tagline ( plethora)...

Next would be our good SB buddy Brian.He is a soldier stationed over in Iraq right now.He is a great guy and a hero in my eyes.Guppy gave him some space to do a guest post over on his blog on his perspective of what is going on. Instead of the usually negative media you hear on the news.He wrote a great post and I encourage you to also go check that out as well.

I am going to the Dr. tomorrow to find out what is up with my thyroid so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a great week all!!!


  1. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Is it okay that I do this meme later in the week?

  2. did you arrange those especially for photographic purposes or are those bottles, lotions and towels ordinarily strewn about messily like my wife's?

    here via michele tonight

  3. hey presentstorm... how i wish i could take credit for SPF, but it's all Kristine's ( brainchild. check out her blog for next friday's SPF.;)

    i love Nivea as well. i use it all the time!

  4. Hi. Cute blog template.

    Michele sent me today.

  5. I love Arbonne. I used to use that stuff but it's a bit pricey for me. Here via Michele.

  6. I feel the love. Hehe... I'll see what I can do... tho I won't have a crapload if stuff... maybe a good time to go buy a new toothbrush. Muahaha.

  7. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Isnt that the expesive type toothpaste? michele sends love

  8. Hope your Dr.'s appointment goes well tomorrow. I agree, the post from Brian at "Guppy's" was great.

    Here from Michele.

  9. great pictures, and clever idea! I'll have to try that one sometime. Michele sent me today! :-)

  10. I'm praying that all goes well for you at Doc's tomorrow.

    I love your montage idea. I might do something similar because you've inspired me. But I may need a huge jolt of caffeine before I'm able to operate my camera!

  11. Hi Present

    Well, I hope your tests come out ok too. Mrs. Jim has a thyroid condition and will take medicine for the rest of her life. Hers isn't very expensive. But it does make her sleepy, and a little cranky when she gets off.

  12. You do have the same toothpaste!! LOL. I hope all goes well with the doctor!

  13. Hello Present Storm. Thanks for renting my site, and I must say that I'm soory for not giving you a welcome to my site. It's up now and oncr again, Thanks for Renting my site.

  14. Hey there! Sorry so late getting here! I will take my after bath pics and post them for tomorrow! ;)

  15. OK I posted mine. I keep it simple... so don't expect a lot LOL


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