Thursday, January 26, 2006

Be thankful for what you have ....EVERYDAY!!

I really had a huge reminder of the fact that we all should be thankful for what we have ...each and every day.The fact that we should not sweat the small stuff...And really in the big scheme of it all .It usually is all small stuff.The fact that we should not go to bed angry.We should not hold grudges or judge someone for choices they may have made...causing you and that person to no longer be on speaking terms.ESPECIALLY when it comes to family.

You see of my managers at work just lost her daughter a few days ago.She was shot and killed.The girl was only 19.Her life had basically just begun.She had two precious lil girls.One only 6 months old.She had just got to expierence the joy of watching her baby girl learn to crawl last week.Her other little girl is 2 ...Her birthday is today.The eve of her mothers viewing.They have so far ruled the shooting to be an accident.The story is that her boyfriend was cleaning his gun and it went off ...shooting and killing this 19 year old mom.The baby was sitting beside her on the couch when her mom was shot.Praise God that baby was not hurt.My manager ,as can be expected, is beside herself.I can not even begin to fathom how it would feel to loose a child to anything,let alone an accident like that.CPS has the girls now.Apparently,this is normal for things like this.We are praying that my manager(the grandmother)will get them.I can not even imagine what those two little girls are feeling right now.whisked away to a strange place with strange people.

You see...just last year,this manager did not know where her daughter was,nor the grandkids.They were not on speaking terms for whatever reason.I heard that she did not like the boyfriend but that was not ever confirmed to me personally.It does not really matter the reason.What is reality now is that her oldest daughter is dead and time was lost over anger or bitterness.I encourage each and everyone of you to look at maybe some situations of anger or bitterness and think to yourself "Is this really worth loosing precious time over".None of us know when it is our time.Noone knows when God will call us home.We can however, make the most of this life and what he has blessed us with while we are here.

God Bless each of you and please help lift up this family in prayer.They are all in need of comfort and peace that only the Lord can give.


  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    how sad.. Thats just absolutely horrible.. My t houghts are with their family!

  2. That's so sad, Stormi - My heart aches for them.

    Prayers, indeed lifted.

  3. Anonymous6:47 AM

    That is heartbreaking Present Storm! I lifted up a prayer for your manager, and those precious babies. You're right, none of us are promised tomorrow, we need to approach out loved ones on that premise. There would be far less petty arguments and bitternesses.


  4. I will Present Storm for the family...
    Yes, I hold close to my heart the people in my life. I never know when it will be last time I see them on this side of heaven...

  5. I could comment on the gun culture that makes this kind of thing a sickeningly common occurrence for too many families. But I won't.

    Instead, I will pray for your manager. I will pray for her grandchildren. I will pray that her daughter finds peace. I will pray that no other family has to endure this unimaginable pain.

    And I'll hug my kids, too. Hard.

  6. What a horrendous story...You are right...cherish each moment, if you can!

    Here from Michele, once again...!

  7. oh thats so sad... hugs to your manager and the rest of the family...


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