Saturday, January 14, 2006

It's Saturday people....

Yeah it is finally the weekend!!My last week was a little long and I for one am glad that it is Saturday!!! Although with lil one in trouble for telling lies ,it is bound to be quite the long weekend as well.Why is it at 7 years old kids can not realize that telling the truth will get you in so much less trouble then being busted in lie after lie.Why is it that after being told that The grown ups already know the truth, and now all you have to do is say it still can't tell the truth.I remember at a very early age, learning that telling the truth was my only option.My dad had a zero tolerance policy for liars.He always and I mean ALWAYS found out the truth before ever asking me what the truth I learned this quickly as well.I am hoping little one learns it fast too.I hate when her whole weekend consists of being grounded and in trouble.It sucks so bad ,especially since we were going to go out and launch her rockets that she got for Christmas.Guppy was really looking forward to that.Now she will spend her day cleaning her room and writing sentences and sitting alone with time to think about telling the truth.As much as discipline sucks for them, I think it sucks for the parents even more.I know it has to be done though.If you let problems just slide and push them under the rug because you do not want to deal with it.Or because you want to keep the "peace". Pretty soon you will have a pile under that rug so huge you won't be able to see over it.Then you will have huge problems that are even more difficult to deal with.I am looking forward to her being a well rounded and a wonderful teen to be around.I know that suffering through this not-fun-at-all yucky stuff is going to grow her into a respectable teen and young adult.So while it is no fun now ..I could look at it as a blessing.An oppurtunity to watch her character grow.

On a lighter note:I have the wonderful pleasure of renting to the very smart,inspiring ,beautiful and very sweet Seawave over at Seawave Soliloquy.If you have never been to her site then you do not know what you are missing.Her posts are very thought provoking and inspirational.I encourage you to pop on in and give her a visit.You will not be dissapointed.Thank you Sea for stopping in for a week is a pleasure to have you :)I hope you enjoy your stay ....


  1. I totally understand how ya feel, but trust me it will be so worth it when she gets older. When my 15 year old is confronted with a lie, it's followed by, "you just don't trust me!"...well no, duh...not if you're going to lie to me. It's a whole new ball game when they get older. Suffering through their weekend being grounded includes glares, slamming doors, pouting...and if I keep my cool which isn't always easy, she eventually comes around by the end of the weekend. Then again, being involved in church now (we weren't when she was younger), has helped make a major improvement in her life.

    Because I can't bare to see ya leave, I'm putting a link on my sidebar to your site. From looking at the stats, I had a few readers that must have enjoyed you too!

  2. Anonymous2:02 PM

    The part of parenting that is FAR from fun! But worth the effort put forth early on. You're a good mom Present Storm. :-)

    I'll be sure to check out your Rent my Blog tenant! Hope your week-end is relaxing.


  3. Anonymous10:21 PM

    my youngest is almost 13 and he still hasn't gotten the idea that lies lead no where.

  4. We have a zero tolerance for liars in our house also. My dh and I both think that it is better to be honest and up front than to have to back peddle later. My girls learned early on that lieing is not an option. My son is still learning...:)

  5. It is a very difficult thing to be strong through times of discipline during the gtowing pains of adolescence, but it is inspiring to see parents who recognize the necessity of building the character and integrity of their children. It is the most important gift you are giving your child and the world your child be a part of as an adult.

    Blessings to you, and thank you for your lovely writeup and for letting me hang out with you for the week.

  6. Thank you for loving her enough to discipline. The change in her since you came on the scene is nothing short of miraculous.

  7. I just realized I fast forwarded you into parenthood of an adolescent. Got to get through childhood first. D'oh. My apologies. LOL


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