Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A growing girl ....

Well little one is back home now for the week after being gone for two.Guppy and his ex kind of split the holiday season different this year.It was kind of cool to have her for two weeks prior to Christmas but two weeks away from her seemed like forever.She is so fun to have around.I love making meals that she loves ..She gets so excited over it.Today I chose one of her very favorites ,tacos.It runs a close second with cheeseburgers and broccoli,she loves that combo and of course I love cooking her fresh veggies.She also loves lima beans ...lol You just have to love a kid that is so fond of veggies.I think that is thanks to her mom. Guppy said she used to make lil ones baby food out of fresh veggies and fruits.Like steam them and mash them.All I know is she never will fight ya on eating her veggies.Meat is a different story ..lol but not eating meat is not such a bad thing .She eats enough peanut butter and beans to get the protien she needs.She can eat her weight in both.Tonight, we had tacos and everyone made their own.She LOVES being a big girl and making her own.That is probably a huge part of why that meal is one of her favorites.That child ate 6 tacos some nachos and two glasses of milk.Which is more then what Guppy and I combined had to eat.Holy cow that child eats like a growing teenage boy when she is about to have a growth spurt.It figures though....Everytime someone buys her some new clothes she will go through a huge growth spurt...That is just part of it I suppose.

Here is a picture of her making her own taco....


  1. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Sorry about the haircut she insisted. I love how you do her hair. Enjoy the time with her she has been in the best of moods. I still can't get her to eat mushrooms but she use to eat bowls of them when she was a toddler.

  2. Anonymous1:41 AM

    My son will only eat veggies because I wont let him have anymore of anything else until he eats them. BUT he absolutely refuses to eat green beans or lima beans..basically any kind of bean thats green..LOL

  3. Hi there and thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting, it was so very sweet of you! :-)

    I know exactly what you mean about the growth spurts. My two daughters (ages 6 and 4) eat and sleep a lot when they go through their spurts, which is quite often. My oldest has pajamas that she only just got a few months ago that are already becoming too small. I wish my 4 yr. old liked veggies, it's like pulling teeth trying to get her to eat them.

  4. that is such a sweet post.

  5. Anonymous7:01 AM

    A child who loves her veggies?
    That is one in a million!
    Adorable photo too.


  6. Both my older children love veggies... even raw veggies, but my 11 yr old... you have to make her eat veggies... she is a meat and potatoe kind of gal... :)

    Lil one is so cute... loved the post!


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