Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Are you sure it is not Monday ..lol

Does this sound even remotely familiar to anyone else :

person 1:" What do you want to eat ?"

person 2:" I don't know what do YOU want to eat "

person 1 :" I don't know , what sounds good to you ?"

person 2 : " I don't care , what sounds good to you ?"

We are both starving yet we sit here having this conversation ...lol
This is ALL the time unless I am cooking dinner and I give him no choice ...
I need to go to the grocery ,but for tonight it is going to be take out but at this rate who knows what or when ...lmao

Anyone got any good ideas ? I may be here awhile ..lol withering away to nothing ( yeah right ...As IF !!!!)


  1. Our conversation always goes like this:

    Him: Where do you want to eat?
    Me: Wherever you want.
    Him: How about Logan's?
    Me: No--not there.

    It infuriates my husband beyond end for me to do this to him! Hope you have a nice dinner!

  2. We always have a hard time choosing too. But then again we usually just go to our favorite Mexican place that makes us both stuffed and happy;-)

  3. Anonymous8:04 PM

    I've got some left over brisket if you want some.

  4. y'all sound just like us... Matt and I go around and around about dinner, except that I'll suggest something and he'll say no, and then he'll suggest something and I say no. LOL...it takes us forever to decide what to eat!

  5. i hate that..then richard usually says.. "i dunno..whatever has food?" what the heck is that? lol


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