Monday, July 11, 2005

Tinfoil Hum job? ..OH MY ...lmao

Well I have so many things to say that I don't know what to post about
Today was my first day back to work after an eleven day vacation and I do believe they just left everything for me to return to.Man the stack of paperwork that I have to file and no documentation on things that need to be done daily ..grrrrrrrrrr Ok I am done venting about that It's over and done with and tomorrow is a new day :) Plus I get paid by the hour so what am I griping about Silly me .

Ok second thing is Xtessa asked me in the comment section if that tongue shot was me and if my tongue is currently pierced ,the answer is yes to both ..It was a fun pic and I figured better suited for the new look then the sunflower :) Change is good sometimes ..I have had my tongue pierced for about 5 years now ...It is to the point now that I forget it's even there

Third thing Thank you all for your nice comments about the new look ;) .Also I am not sure how many of you visit Millennium Hippie on a regular basis ,but she posted some very yummy sounding Vegan biscuit recipes ..I am not a Vegan but with recipes like this I may become one yet I printed them all out and I am going to try them very soon ..I will let you all know what I think of them ...

Ok so this morning while getting ready for work we were discussing the plop plop fizz fizz thing Ok so we are a lil odd ....Anyway while I was doing my makeup Guppy sits on the bed and starts thumbing through it (BTW ..The book is actually entitled 302 Advanced Techniques for Driving a man wild in bed by Olivia St. Claire ) and we found one even more bizarre then the first Now I have never considered myself to be a prude in bed but this book has me wondering ..lmao jk * insert giggles there * Ok are you guys ready for this ...I am wondering If I should post a technique weekly like maybe on Friday or something ...lmao Is anyone interested ,because these are pretty interesting ( If enough people say yes they are then I will post a new technique weekly ) Ok back to the crazy one we found ...
Technique # 141
(quoting straight from the book word for word )

Tinfoil Hum Job :
"My girlfriend Chris ,an innocent-looking little pixie,highly recommends this wild technique .Wrap aluminum foil around his testicles,put your lips over them ,and hum.The foil adds heat ,intensity,and crackle to your tingling vocal vibrations."

My fist reaction was OUCH I have gotten a paper cut from foil before and it hurts .I would not want that anywhere near my genitals if I were a guy and second of all, would anyone want foil in there mouth ? That makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it .Ok well ,for not having much to say I sure babbled alot .But that's what blogs are for eh ..

I am off to finish up supper ..mmmmmmmmm I am so hungry !!!!


  1. I would be interested in hearing a new technique every week for the entertainment value. Both techniques you have posted so far leave me wondering how people ever thought them up!

  2. Entertainment value.... uh huh.... We know what kind of entertainment you are looking for.... Just wait till she gets to the fruit.... mmmmmmm peaches.....

  3. lol yeah I want to know who was the first person that said I am bored with my sex life and decided to raid the kitchen pantry and medicine cabinet * sarcasm* Why didn't I think if that

  4. i'm xtessa and i'm bored with my sex life so i'm headed to the kitchen now... NOT! ehehehehe!!!

    yes, please post, for "entertainment value". LOL!!!!

    and is it weird that i also used to be Chris, the innocent-looking pixie, back in college?!! i swear!

  5. Anonymous1:27 AM

    LOL.. Tin foil has no business in my mouth. NO THANK YOU..;)

  6. What a great idea, post the em' weekely or daily what ever you prefer.

  7. Damn, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's teeth hurt during that story! Love your new to check out the biscuits!!

  8. Yeah, that sounds painful! LOL...definetly post one a week, I'd be entertained by that ;) Anyway, your blog is awesome, nice look (you said it was new) :)

  9. Alka selzter and tin foil. Sounds like... fun.... NOT... lmao

    The tin foil made me think of that handy dandy tin foil deflector ( To hell with the testicles and humming, just give it a little hat! lmao

    "Hey Honey, I'm ready to get bus-y, grab that there tin foil with you on your way to bed, time to party!" du du du du du dunnn.

  10. Now, I have totally heard of the humming, but not with good ole' reynolds wrap... I wonder of the (2) girls from the Reynolds commercials have this listed in their Reynolds Quick & Easy Packet Cooking recipe list?

  11. did you get the biscuits to work out for you? i answered your comment on my blog late last night.


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