Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ding Dong "Cappy " is gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updates below !!!

Just the name Cappy annoys the piss out of me .That whole side annoys the piss out of me .Never has a season of Big Brother got me so fired up . How can these people be so ignorant . Maggie for starters has not figured out that her whole side voted against her and that the whole side she is fighting to get out voted to keep her in . ARGGGG These people are ignorant . Sarah and her flip floppin ass is getting on my nerve to .I would not trust her or James as far as I could throw them as far as an alliance . As long as Kaysar and Janelle stay I will be a happy camper ...If those two leave before the rest, it will not be worth watching for me .To me they are the only two intelligent people on that show . The rest of them can all go one by one for all I care .

Why oh Why did Maggie of all people have to get HOH ....It is always sad when you have an ignorant ,irrational woman in power like that . And can someone please stuff a sock in Ivettes mouth ...geeeez that woman's voice grates on my last nerve .

NOt that I am bitter or anything ...lmao Man I am so annoyed .....I can not wait untill Thursday .Apparently according to the live feeds Sarah has won the veto and is trying to play it off like she may not use it ..WHATEVER do you think these people were born yesterday ? Why would she not save her own boyfriend
...Morons .....Ok I am done now ...

Update : Howie is now calling "that " side Crappy Crunch ...lmao

Edited to add these pics of tv's best eye candy right now ( these are from the live feed so are not the best pics but he still looks good :

him in a towel ...mmmmmmmmm :) :



  1. I haven't figured out why any of them think they can trust each other! :) They are all there FOR THE MONEY...not to make best friends or keep their integrity! You know, I think Howie will fly in under the radar and last a long time. I love Kaysar so I hope he makes it to the end. Maggie needs to get on out of there and follow "Cappy" home! I'm with you, I HATE that name!! Right after Maggie..Ivette has GOT to go!!

  2. i agree with everything you said. ivette annoys me SO much, she HAS to go. james is next. my favorite is kaysar. how hot is he?!!? :) looks like he may be going this week though, and that will leave the show about a thousand percent less interesting for me.

  3. I agree ..Kaysar is the one that has some sense and he is the eye candy ..He is very hot :)

  4. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Howdy! via Michele

  5. Are these people in BB real? If they are, the world is in big trouble.

    Michele sent me here.

  6. Hey, I am not much of a big brother fan. Sorry:)

    I did put you on my blogroll today! I am so slow at these things:)

  7. P.S.~Michele sent me today.....but I must like you if I addes you to my blogroll right! :)

  8. Hi, Michele sent me.

    Another BB fan. My fiance hates that I make him watch that with me. Oh well, he makes me watch Seinfeld.
    Anyhoo, I was sooooo glad to see that hypocritical jerk leave. I want Ivette out next. Her horse mouth gets on my damn nerves.

  9. I must admit I don't watch BB. I watch enough TV as it is. Michele sent me today, but I've been here enough on my own that I will be blogrolling you!

  10. Here via Michele today, but I will be back. I missed last night's show due to being on a plane. I will probably jump up and down in a Tom Cruise imitation when Ivette is gone.

  11. I actually swore in front of my kids when Maggie won.. HOH.. ugh..

    dang it

    I so can't stand that side either and that dumb cappy crap.. "o i wish cappy was here" dumb girl can't think for herself..and I thought she was a touch latin lesbian? LOL

    You didn't hear it from me..but if I weren't married..I might convert for that kaysar..lmbo...ok..I wouldn't..but I'd dance with the idea. :o)

  12. Oh my gosh, Cappy Crunch! Howie cracks me up!!

    Kaysar is Bee-you-tee-ful! ;)


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