Friday, July 15, 2005

weekly technique # 209 and# 212

Ok before I go I thought I would post my weekly technique from the book ..I was hard strapped to find a really bizarre one like the two before but this one isn't totally normal either I am not sure I could keep a straight face while saying this ...anyway here you go .Everyone have a great weekend :)

From the chapter :Initiating your man
technique #209
Kneel before him,bare-breasted,to kiss and lick his feet .Caress his shins with your nipples as you croon submissively ,"How may I serve you ,my king ?"

Now this may get someone smacked ..I understand the whole animal lust primal passion thing but clothes are not cheap May want to try this with some old srubs or something

From the chapter :Power Games
technique #212
Paper ,Scissors,Rock.Challenge him to this simple hand game .When you win ,whip out some real scissors,cut the clothes off his body,and ravish him .
( maybe if you ravish him well enough he will forget you just cut his clothes up ...lmao better make sure he isn't wearing his favorite shirt or something )



  1. Heck baby.... I'm still waiting for you to go OHHHH GUPPYMAN!!! with a straight face.... I can only imagine the my king thing....

  2. Lmao ...Yeah I can't seriously moan out Guppyman way !!!Gets me crackin up everytime

  3. My husband would never buy the whole subserviant thing. He knows I would choke on the words "How may I serve you ,my king ?"

  4. Anonymous4:26 PM

    You two are SOOOO cute! Hope you both have a GREAT weekend! It sounds like if try that "king thang" you might have a WILD time! lol

    Here this time via Michele, but you KNOW I'm usually here by myself!

  5. The words Lick and Feet should never be in the same sentence. haha

  6. Hell yeah they should.... Lick my feet baby! Wooohooooo!

    Nothing like some good toe sucking to get things flowing!

  7. Um, yeah....I don't think I will be trying those anytime soon!:) AHAHAHAHAHHAHA


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