Thursday, July 21, 2005

It's almost Friday :)

Wow I almost feel human again I have been wiped out this week .I came back from my lil mini vacation to find that at work they took the girl that works for me and moved her to help out somewhere else for a week .So I had a lot of work to get done ..solo :( .Luckily I get paid hourly Anyway I am back and about to make my round tonight ...It has definitely been awhile since I have .Thanks to all of you patient people that still visit me regularly :) I love you all .

I wanted to give a shout out real quick to my RL buddy Jen .I think we have been friends since 5th grade ( she will correct me if I have that year wrong ).She now has a blog so will all of you please go by and give her a lil welcome shout :) ...She is still trying to get the hang of it .And blogging is always more fun when you have some interaction going on ....

Hope everyone is having a terrific week and thank God the weekend is in sight

P.S. Ok this is my BB update ..I knew my feelings would change about who I liked in the house and they sure have ..I can not stand Eric now ..OMG he is getting on a nerve ..I like Kaysar and Janelle ...How sad is that ...I hope Michael leaves tonight and Janelle hooks up with Kaysar and they kick off Eric's sheep one by one .....I have never seen so many followers in one little group in all my life ...How sad .Anyway I will be tuned in tonight for sure ..I am so addicted


  1. hey there, girlie! glad you're back in the blogging world... you were sorely missed! well, at least, by me.;)

  2. Thanks for the update! That was so sweet of you. I like Janelle & Kaysar too. Damn thunder storm!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend:-)

  3. It's good to have you back. The dolphin picture is amazing. The lighting totally makes it - some pictures just zing when you see them, and this one qualifies.

    I'll go say hi to Jen now. It's always nice to welcome new folks to the blogosphere.

  4. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Thanks for commenting at Cyber Cooler!

    It's nice to find another blogger that watches BB! Have you seen any of my entries on it? I usually like to at least have a weekly "wrap up" but the week has definitely kept me busy! ;)

  5. kayser is so handsome...i can't keep my eyes away from his face!! i can't stand ivette, she really bugs me.


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