Thursday, July 07, 2005

Lazy Day /Big Brother 6 Season Premiere


Well today has officially become the "lazy day" .I still, at 5:39 p.m., have not gotten dressed .How sad is that I am still in my lounge around the house dress with no makeup and hair not curled .I guess when I think about the fact that I am on vacation and have been running around just about every day since it started it's not so bad The bad thing about me is ,on a normal get up and go to work, and get off and get the lil one, and come home and cook dinner, and blah blah blah ,I long for days that I can just do nothing .But,for some strange reason when I get a day like this ,I often think about all the things I could be doing or getting done I have managed to do about three loads of laundry so I guess the whole day is not wasted I also have caught up on some blog reading ( that is time well spent of course ) and watched Miss Congeniality 2 ..It was a cute movie .I think Sandra Bullock is one of those women that are naturally beautiful my hubby isn't impressed by her ..( he is a weirdo ) .

BIG BROTHER starts tonight ...WOOOO HOOOOO !!! I have been waiting for the season to start again ..This show is so addicting .I used to think reality shows were lame before I actually watched one now that is about all I watch , go figure .Just goes to show you should not knock things until you have tried them .


  1. Ah, I was obviously a bad influence on you with my Pajama Day. Hope you enjoyed yours!

  2. I've never watched BB before but I'm off to get a glass of wine and watch my tivo'd episode right now. Good night:-)

  3. PresentStorm: we are having a storm right now! I wanted to see BB so badly - couldn't wait, in fact - and the thunderstorms and tornado watches kept the weathermen on the air for about 35 minutes during the show. I was so mad!

    Michele sent me.

  4. WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO Big Brother in the house!!! I really like James, he's such a cutie friend likes Jennifer but what is with the damn ribbons in her hair??? Girl we are gonna have so much fun talking about this show this season...we MUST have major BB6 chatage, ok!!!!??? Can't wait a week to find out the pairs!

  5. LOL! what influence my blogfriends are! i am now impelled to watch BB or else, i'll be SO out of the loop!

  6. My hubby loves Sandra Bullock. He just says she needs bigger boobs.. gah men!

  7. You deserve a day of complete rest (ok you did some laundry so it wasn't 100% rest...). No reason to feel guilty, everyone needs a day of nothingness (not sure this is a word or not...haha) here or there. lol I hope you have a great weekend! Back to the grind next week! ;)


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