Sunday, July 10, 2005

Searching for a new look !!

UGGGGG!!! I have been searching for what feels like two days straight for a new look .I have googled and surfed and searched until my eyes were crossing last night I am determined though .I will find my page a new skin.So this is what I am up to today .If anyone out there has any links with some very cool templates please share if you will :) It would be much appreciated .I am off to surf some more ....
UPDATE !!! UPDATE!!! I have a new look underway ...It is awesome ( I think ) ..But I need a cool blog name and I am drawing a blank ...So everyone give me your input ...What should my blog name be? Maybe I should have a contest and let the winner guest post on my blog ? What do you say ?
Here it is in all it's glory ...What do you guys think ? I think I love it ....It is taking a lil getting use to but all in all I really like it .Be honest though ...If you don't like any of it let me know what you actually do think ...Big props to hubby for knowing his way around HTML ...Yeah Guppy :)


  1. God luck! I would like a new look , too but don't want to rebuild my whole template!

  2. Here via Michele's M&G

    I read the first part of this post and thought "Why in the world would she want to change it? It looks great!" So I guess you now know what I think of it. It's very cute!

  3. Gorgeous and Divine! Still looking for a new name? I'll get my brain working on it for ya. :) Good job to the guppyman!

  4. It's very the tongue ring shot! I think it is got a good man :)
    It's a very nice change!

  5. Came from Guppy's to check out your new look - looks great!

  6. You are lookin so cool over here! I love the new look:)

  7. Anonymous7:28 PM

    came via guppy, nice job!
    one question though, how do you keep the seams on the back of your stockings so straight?

  8. Hey! I have been voting for you in Battle of the Blogs this evening ;-)

  9. good job, guppy!

    heniwey, if you still need a cool site for skins, there's that's where i got mine...

    and whatever you do, don't remove Presentstorm on your Blog Name. I LOVE IT! ehehehe!

  10. Love it! Sorry I haven't been around lately but that's the summer for you!

  11. I love it! Good job Guppy!


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