Friday, July 29, 2005

Technique Friday

It has been a crazy ,crazy week at work .I am so very glad it is Friday finally .WOOOO HOOOO!!! If anyone calls ...I am not home ..hehehehe .

Ok on with the weekend ,starting with this weeks technique from my lil book .For those of you that have not been here since the beginning of these postings ,I am posting each Friday from a book called 302 advanced techniques for driving a man wild in bed by Olivia St Claire .This is purely for entertainment value ..But ,take from it what you will :)

Last week I posted of the shaving ceremony for the men .This week it is for the ladies :)WOOT!!
Technique #268:
"Shaving Ritual for her . Lipstick 4
Present him with a hand -lettered invitation to your virgin shaving ritual.Designate a time
and place and provide instructions that include his being naked ( he'll feel more vulnerable that way and will take greater care with the delicate operation ).Assemble all the materials for him ( with the addition of the camera ) and make the atmosphere as cushy,safe,and resplendent as you desire. You may want to bathe first to make your hair soft and easy to remove . At the end of the ceremony , ask to take a photo of your bare beauty that he can keep tucked away very deeply( yeah hopefully VERY deeply ) in his wallet . "

Ok if this is a ritual for US why do we have to bring all the materials ? He didn't have to when it was his ritual what's up with that . Also why didn't we get a pic to tuck in our wallets? I think we got ripped off here ladies . Tongue Out

UPDATE : Ok I was doing my blog visits and first on my list is -E and she had a link so hilarious I had to grab it and share I hope she doesn't mind .Go read her post and then check out this link .


  1. Darlin... did you read the title of the book???? It's not how to pleasure yourself.... It's how to drive a man wild.....

    But you know that I'd get the stuff for you!


  2. Oh yeah huh ...I forgot the whole concept here was to make your man feel like a king ....lmao what was I thinking ..silly me !! I guess I am to use to getting spoiled babe :)

  3. All I can say is that your husbaand is one lucky man! Maybe I'll get that book as a Chsitmass gift for my wife. ;)

    Hi, Michele sent me!

  4. I have to get my razor ready! That is just...interesting. My first time to your site.. Came from Michele's site... I hope to check it out some more!*Jaden

  5. Interesting site. Michelle sent me.

  6. Hey, that was very informative!

    Michele sent me.

  7. New template since my last visit?
    I could see them developing a sphinctertine line for cats with all that butt raising into people's faces. Food safe? hrm. I got my paws too full here to develop it and the details myself. I'll have to leave it to others.

    Michele sent me.

  8. Hi, Michele sent me. Mine won't stick photos in his wallet... but he would love me to ask him to take photos LOL and I know, he'd jump on it, never passes a chance.


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