Sunday, July 17, 2005

Back from Corpus Christi

Well we are back from our lil weekend vacation ..It was great ,had a blast .We are so ready to get relaxing and settled back in .I am going to sleep so well tonight .We stayed at the Radisson ( the Hotel was decent but their parking situation SUCKED) on Corpus Christi Bay then drove down to Padre Island to play on the beach ....We had a blast boogie boarding .We also went to the aquarium ..t.oday I will post a few pics from the vacation and give you all more detail later AFTER the much needed rest :)

Here is the pic I took of our Hotel ..We were on the very top floor .We had a pretty cool veiw from up there .

Corpus 084

Here are two pics from the aquarium's dolphin show :
Corpus 153

This one is my favorite dolphin pic ( taken by Guppyman ) :

Corpus 166

Have a great night all !!! I will be back to make my rounds tomorrow and hopefully things will be back to normal


  1. Glad to hear you had a nice mini-vacation, everyone needs one of those once in a blue moon, which reminds me that I do!!! :) I've heard the coast is nice.

  2. Glad you had a good time. Great pics!!

  3. Cool pics of the big fish!

  4. Hope you all had a great time and welcome home!

  5. Great pictures! I love dolphins, especailly that picture!

  6. I too just came back from vacation, and also had a blast. Glad yours was so wonderful too!

  7. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Sounds like fun! I've been wanting to go and visit the aquarium for a long while.. Just havent made it that far!

  8. Sounds like y'all had an awesome time! I am glad it did not rain an y'all! It rained here in town all weekend. Great pics!!

  9. Welcome back, glad you had a good time.


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