Friday, July 08, 2005

It's Finally Here !!!!

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Yes I am still talking about Big Brother ...I am so excited it has started again ..lolCan you tell ?hmmmmmm ??????
Well we have met the cast basically ...So far I like Eric and Kaysar ...I was bummed when Rachel nominated him right off for eviction .I hate to say but I would at this point like to see the guys dominate .Most of the time it is so easy for the women to manipulate all the men it is not even that big of a challenge ...So to see a man prevail over being outnumbered would definitely be something to watch .I can not wait until they reveal the secret pairs in the house ...That twist is awesome ,I am curious to see how that is going to play out as well .We will have to stay tuned and find out .


Also the finale of Beauty and the Geek was on the other night .I just watched my dvr'd copy of it yesterday .I have heard no one blog about this show ..Are we the only ones that watched it ? It
was pretty interesting actually .The fact that they had to pair up but it was not a show that forced them to date ,but to learn from each other .It was cool .Richard on the other hand was extremely annoying ...That is why I am glad to announce that the winners were Chuck and Caitilin !!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhh.Although There for a split second I was thinking how funny it would be if Richard and Mindy won to see if she would actually make out with him like she said she would do if they won I like nerdy guys and all ( smart guys ) but Richard was just plain annoying ..He tried wayyyy to hard to get attention .

Oh and for yet another reality show that I am watching is Average Joe :The Joe's revenge does anyone watch this one either ?I love it .I was disappointed by the girls the last two seasons though.Not exactly because they chose the "hunks"but because they led the "Joe" on to believe he would be picked at the end .Two Joe's ended up heart broken .This year the twist is that they will send one out of every group she eliminates and give them a makeover .Well that is a little disturbing as well .I mean If she does end up picking one that has been made over then that is not choosing an average guy either .It seems like they are trying everything to make it go the "Joe's " way ..I have a suggestion ...Next time , Just bring Average Joe's on ,not the way out there geeky ones that some of them are ...not the hunky model types ...just some average guys .That way the woman can only chose from that bunch ...

Have a great weekend everyone !!!!


  1. Reality show geek ;0) I stopped watching aVerage JOe because I just thought it was mean..I think it defeated the whole premise of the show. Your the third person I've seen that's excited about Big Brother..I'll have to watch...never seen it. I'm a survior/Idol fan myself. Can't wait for "So You Think You Can Dance?" myself. A girl can dream can't she ;0) Have a great weekend!

  2. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Hey, I'm talking about my big brother too! Michele sent me.

  3. I stopped watching big brother after the first one and I did not even know that show was still on. I thought I kept up on the reality TV shows but I guess I am out of the loop:)

    Michele sent me today!

  4. Hey PS>

    I came here via Michele! I saw one episode of Beauty & The Geek, and it wasn't half as bad as I had expected. Don't have cable, and am too addicted to my computer to watch much TV these days. But I used to be hooked to "Reality" - I even dropped out of my Painting Class years ago to watch "Temptation Island". How horrible! My fave to this day is The Amazing Race.

  5. Hey girl, I liked Kaysar too...I hope the guys ban together and get that girl out! I watched the geek show too. It thought it was funny that I went to that park that they went to the next day. When I watched the last show, I was like, Hey I'm totally going there tomorrow, but I didn't kayak! :) I wish Mindy was paired with Chuck, that would have been cool! Oh well...can't wait for Thursday! Secret Pairs!

  6. I liked Kaysar too. I hope he doesn't get the boot. That blonde boob girl is annoying. They should kick her out.

    Yeah, I think I liked it and will keep watching. Good stuff!!

  7. PS- I put a BB pic up for you;-)

  8. I'm an Idol/Survivor fan. I haven't ever watched Big Brother, Beauty and the Geek or Average Joe. I did watch that "Hit me Baby one more time" show but was highly disappointed with it. Thought it was majorly cheesey. hahaha I am looking forward to the Dance version of Idol. I hope it won't be cheesey like the Hit me baby one. :)~

  9. Hi! Thanks for visiting me via Michele's.

    We're mid way through Big Brother here in the UK and it is fab this year. Hope yours is too :-)

  10. okay i watch too much tv.

    i watched beauty and the geek too. it was nice to see a reality show where people weren't being backhanded and vicious. except that chick (cant remember her name now) that chuck liked, she was a total bitch to her partner when he was vomiting on the side of the mountain. i wanted to kick her off the cliff. but it was a fun show, i enjoyed it.

    average joe...this is the first chick that i have actually liked. i think she seems genuinely nice. and i agree, there should be no hunky guys. i dont know how they last because they are complete asses. i still say that guy is totally cute, with the glasses, Josh, i think...i don't know why he's in with the "nerdy guys". he'd be my pick. and can you believe how different that joshua looked after the beard was gone and haircut? it was like a different guy, i dont' think she will recognize him at all.

    i watched big brother for the first time the other night because i'd never seen an episode before. it was kinda boring. but i thought kaysar (sp?) and michael?? were cute. :) don't think i'll be watching that one.

    now that my essay on reality t.v. is over, i will go back to michele's. LOL

  11. okay i had to come back here to comment on last night's average joe. i didn't know where else to go, because you're the only one i know who watches it! is it possible to HATE someone you've never met? YES. I hate chris carson. he is hateful and horrible and i hate him. from the day he stepped foot in that house i wanted to punch him out. watching him last week and last night, i had such anxiety in my chest. when she kissed him, i felt my stomach churn.

    i kept thinking, he is a real guy, in real life. what would i do if my daughter was dating someone like him? what if that was my son? my lord, i was having such a hard time watching him. i wanted to just mummify him to shut him the hell up and get rid of him.

    then because he apologized to arthur we're supposed to view him as a prince? he's still a F@#$%^& A$$!@#$!!!!! what about all the stuff he said and did to the other guys? ugh...thank GOD he's gone now.

    rant over, thanks for the space to do so!! :)


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