Thursday, June 09, 2005

And one band camp ....

LMAO ..I have asked my husband on several occasions to tell me what famous women he thinks are hot ...The first one out of his mouth everytime is the band geek on American Pie ,Alyson Hannigan ...I have always been like ..ewwwww she is dorky ..I mean most men think people like Pam Anderson and women like that are hot not my hubby ..he likes the nerdy ones ..( note to self ...really look into how nerdy you look these days ... ) Anyway ..something got me thinking about doing a post to see how many other womens husbands ,boyfriends , or significant other thinks she is hot ..I decided to post pics incase some of you have been living in a cave and do not know who I am talking about Well as I went to looking for pics I disovered how very pretty she has become ..I was amazed ...All this time he seen through her nerdiness to her real beauty ...I am so proud of him now Anyway here are some before and after shots of her ...So you guys let me know if you know anyone that has thought she was hot since the first movie ...or even just now ...

before ( lil nerdy Alyson )



and the new and improved ...."hottie " as hubby would call her ....
( I liked this one )


and this one is for hubby and all the guys that thinks she is hot :)



  1. See baby.... I told you she was hot!

  2. just to be fair, are you planning on doing a hot guys blog too, or will hubby be doing that? wonder what guys you think are hot, other than hubby, we both know how hot he is;) she is very pretty, i think they tried to make her look geeky for those movies.

  3. Yea, where's the beef??? hahahah

    She has a gorgeous face, I just think she needs to discover this thing called food. hehehe

  4. Hi, Michele sent me! I thought she was cute in the movie, too, but that's me. I like geeky.

  5. I've always thought she was cute.

    Michele sent me.

  6. LOL!!!

    my hubby's the typical guy... drools over angelina all the time!

    i like alyson's hair, though!

  7. That is cool that your husband is unique. Some men like the smarter girls who are also cute. I think it says good things about you too, if that's his type. Great post.

  8. Never thought she was cute before, but DAMN!!!
    I think Eva Mendes is hot, not sure who my hubby would pick.

  9. She is a hot girl, I love red hair! But I can see how she may get a nerdy girl rep. My hubby likes blondes (which I am not) but he really loves Angelina Jolie...I told him he has to wait until I am done with her! ahahaha Did I just do an overshare???

  10. I know so many women in RL that said they would turn lesbo for Angelina

  11. My husband doesn't like the "typical" ones usually, either. Right now, his hotties are Scarlett Johanson, Gwen Stefani and he used to really be into Juliana Margulies, she was on ER as Nurse Hathaway. Not sure if he still likes her or not, since she is never on anything

  12. Damn! "this one time at band camp, buffy the vampire helper slayin chickee" has gone all playboy...whoda thunk?


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