Monday, June 06, 2005

Stormi's Meme ....

Ok all these meme's around ..I decided to write my own and see how many will actually do it ...
You can either post it to your blog or answer in the comments section .....If you decide to post it to your blog ...please let me know so I can come check it out :)

1.Type the first word that pops into your mind ....

"Cold" ..I am icing my ankle and it is getting very cold ...

2.One word describing you ..

3.If you were a super-hero what would your name be?

Super Dork ....


4.What is the most embarrasing cd in your collection ?

The best of Culture Club

5.If you were a zoo animal which one would you be ?


A monkey ...I love the monkeys ..They are fun and dorky

6.If you could have any job in the circus what would it be ?

Um .....the owner of the circus :)

Have fun everyone ...and have a Blessed day ;)


  1. Oh my gosh! I have the Best of Culture Club!! :)

    I'll do this tomorrow on my blog, K?

  2. Great Meme'. I will do it tomorrow or maybe later tonight :)

  3. hey babe, i'm going to do your meme later tonight, but mine is not going to be nearly as fancy as yours. i am going to try and play around with the font and colour though.

  4. Culture Club? LOL!

  5. Anonymous8:43 PM

    i like the monkey icon


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