Wednesday, June 15, 2005

It's hump day !!!

Yeah it is Wednesday ,which means the week is half over now ...Yeahhhhh!!!! Wakka WakkaThank God that the week is getting better for us ...We now know the extent of all the damage and are steadily working to fix it ..You will be happy to know that the Cell Phone 2 is back on ...woooo hoooo!!! Well" I" am happy to know that anyway ...lmao I promise all of you that have been coming and reading daily and posting I will be a much better blogger and get to everyone again soon ...It has just been a crazy beginning of the week ...Thank you all again for the kind words and the advice :) You guys all Rock !!! Love Song

Thanks and love to you all ...

Oh and Fishy..I am very blessed to have you too :) I love you :) And I am very glad that we are Bride And I love playing with the smilies
After the week I have had these smilies are a nice change ..

Hope you all have a great rest of the week


  1. how on earth are you doing all of this?????????????????????????
    looks great and glad to hear things are under way

  2. Sounds like your week has vastly improved:-) That is good.

  3. Good to hear things have got better - enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.

  4. cool smilies!!! glad you guys are back on track...

  5. Very cute smilies!!! I'm going to have to go play now!!!

  6. Stuff happens chickie. Can't help it. Take your time. By a cheesecake on the way home.

    Gah.. I need my monthly cheesecake fix bad....

  7. I am very glad things are getting back on track!! I love the smileys and that was a very sweet note to your hubby!

    Hope you have a great rest of the week!!

  8. Glad things are getting better. We've fallen into a hole a few times and its not easy to climb back out of ..

    And if you have time i've tagged you!


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