Saturday, June 18, 2005

Presentstorms Way back Machine

Ok Guppy posted some old pics of him from wayback and a few of you asked where the way back pics of me were so here you are ....It made me think " what the hell was I thinking back then " Ohhhhh the big hair is hilarious So all of you that need a great laugh.... here you are :

ok this is a Picture of me and my friend Becky ,I am the one on the right ( the sexy one jk )
When I was a teen we would hang out at Circus Circus on the Las Vegas strip and they would do face paintings of clowns and such and take your pic ..well I was a HUGE kiss fan so of course while mackin on guys you do NOT want a clown face so I got them to do me as Paul Stanley and her as Gene Simmons .It actually got us a lot of attention that night

and next is a picture of my bedroom back then ..If my friend Jen is reading this she is gonna get a kick out of this

I have two more pics I found of back in the day As if you guys are not peeing your pants now from laughing at the first one Here you go :
This is me and my friend Cindy at her sisters wedding reception( I am the one on the right with big hair (white dress) ...
me and cindy

and here is one of me just posing and being goofy
me and cindy2

Still I ask myself WHY with the hair Oh well it was the 80's and everyone had hair like that Hope you guys have a great laugh ...LMAO I know I did ...


  1. LOL!!! cool pics, girl!!!

  2. Hiya PresentStorm. I think exactly the same thing every time I look at 80s pictures of myself. That's just the way it was back then. Twenty years from now, we'll look back at 2005-ish and say exactly the same thing. I love it: it keeps life interesting.

    Oh, yes, almost forgot: popped in from Michele's today. That's in addition to my own non-Michele visits. I enjoy this site more every time I come by.

  3. Wonderful pics!
    Really enjoyed those...
    and the hair is amazing!


  4. oh...ooops...
    and Michele sent me!


  5. hey girl! i'm back again! this time, via michele's...

    i'm going to do some digging for my own ROCKIN' photos! LOL!!!

    btw, did you get my email?

    have a nice weekend! and happy father's day to guppy!

  6. Looks like 80's hair ;) Thanks for stopping by Crayons... and thanks for the flashback memories... Hmmm, wonder if I can find any of me with the big ol' hair ;)

  7. I love the good old 80's big hair... that's great!

    Here via Michele's - have a great weekend!

  8. I had almost the same exact hair. Mine was just streaked like Jon Bon Jovi's, but had the same height. It might have even been higher. Hey, it was hot back then!

  9. wow, that hair brings back memories, i have the same pics, not the kiss ones though;)

  10. G'day PresentStorm

    Cool photos girl!!!!!!!.

    Just wish I had the facilities to post some of mine from way back when, now that would get everyone really laughing.

    Seriously, I love looking back at photos from the past just to see how much we have changed, especially the hair and the clothes.

    Have a great weekend.

    Visiting this time via Michele's M&G.

  11. The picture are great.....I had my hair like that at one point in time...I just thought I was soooo cool.

  12. Oh wow! I LOVE those pictures!! Totally 80's! Your hair was great! :)

  13. I, too, was a member of the Big Poufy 80s Hair Club. Plus I had the Gigantic Elton John eyeglasses to go with it. Stylish, I know.

    Here via YOU (via Michele)!

  14. Here via Michele. I think everyone who was alive is embarrassed by 80's pictures! Enjoyed visiting.

  15. What a hoot those pics. I'm up too late. off to bed. Have a great weekend. Happy Fathers day to all the fathers at your house.

  16. HAHA Those are great!

    Michele sent me.

  17. That's CLASSIC girl! Just classic

  18. I miss my Aquanet.

  19. OMG I had that same hair!!!

  20. Oh yeah! I was one of those with big hair as well...Fun pictures though :)


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