Thursday, June 02, 2005

Internet Romance ?

I do not know if any of you know this about Guppy and I ...I have no idea if he has posted anything about it ...but ,We are the product of an internet relationship ...We met as friends on Pal talk ..We were both married ...we hung out and he soon became an admin in my room ...Well to make a long story short for all of you..( trust me it is a long story ) We both at different but close to the same points seperated from our spouses ( not because of each other ) Well I take that back ....He kicked his wife out after she had an affair.With me ,as friends he made me realize I deserved so much better and that I was too worthy of that romantic kind of fairy tale love ...( which by the way I did not have with my previous hubby ) ..I met him when I was 10 started dating him at 16 ,married him at 18 ...divorced him at 27 anyway ...through all this Guppy and I grew closer ,started talking on the phone ....he flew to Nashville to meet me in person about 8 months after we first met and it was awesome ...We knew we loved each other ...but still had our fears about the whole internet thing ...We both always thought internet love to be ridiculous really ..So you can imagine our surprise when we were the ones experiencing it it was a ,well what seems like a long road We met in person and it was as we thought ...Love just felt right ...A month after he came to see me I got a plane ticket ...left my family ( which I love dearly and am very close to ) my work ,my life and moved to Texas with just three suitcases I had never been here and had no idea what to expect ..I just knew it was what my heart was telling me ...My mother was very supportive actually after the initial shock of it all ....She still says she has never seen me so happy ..
Three years later we are married and in our own home living our dream ...It is funny ...people ask us all the time if we get sick of each other ( we spend every minute together that we are not at work or in the potty ) and after three years we still enjoy each others company as much as we always have ...maybe even more ....
Any thoughts or stories on internet dating / love ?

This pic is the very first set of professional ones we had done ..We are both wearing our Hard Rock Nashville shirts ...Cheesy ...maybe ..but they held special meaning to us :)



  1. That is a great story! :) I am a sucker for a good love story. Gosh, reading it brought back memories...I used to go on Paltalk all the time! I didn't meet anyone to marry..cause I already am happily, but I had fun talking to people there. Did you guys catch a lot of flack for the whole internet thing? There seems to be such a stigma about meeting people on the internet.

    Keep those stories coming! :)

  2. that is sweet! good for you guys!

    my sister had an internet "romance" too. it started really great, but then the guy acted all flaky... they eventually broke up, and after a year, they got the chance to really meet in person. my sister has already moved on by then (thank God) 'coz he REALLY was flaky in person.

    you look cute together! it's great that you found each other amidst all the chaos that was going on in your lives...

  3. btw, i'm doing that "what's in the picture" game you had...

    drop by and see if you can guess mine.;)

  4. I love happy endings :)

    I've dated a few people on yahoo and but nothing ever happened out of it. However, both my uncle's met someone on the net and tomorrow one of them is getting married to her.

  5. that is a wonderful thing to have happen in your life, congratulations to you both.

  6. I loved the story! That's so sweet!

    I met my stbx on the internet myself. Way back in 1997. When we first met he was in the middle of a nasty divorce and I didn't want anything to do with that whole scene. We met again (on the internet no on Jan 1, 2000. He was well over his divorce by then. We were pretty much unseparable. We married in April of 2001. It was a success story for a while anyway.... lol We are still technically married and just separated, but won't be [married]for much longer (no sorries needed!!!! We're both happier apart! Well, on my end anyway. LOL).

    You two are a good match! The picture is great!

  7. Sweet story! I met my husband in a seedy bar in NYC, and everyone says you can't meet a good man in a bar (or on the internet) what do they know!

  8. That is a sweet story, and seems more and more common these days. My best friend met her now husband nearly the same way. It freaked me out at first, but then I met him and saw them together and realized, it was the real deal.

    Good luck to both of you...

    and Michele says Hi! :-)

  9. my best friend is married to a guy she met on the net. They are happier than i've really ever seen anyone be..

    Great story!

    & Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  10. I just met him this morning at Michele's!! You're the girl of his dreams??? That is too cool. Small world ain't it? Great story..I hope you live the fairytale forever!

  11. Anonymous10:39 PM

    AWESOME STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who cares how it started!!!! What does it matter???
    Good for you!



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