Sunday, June 05, 2005

Tag I am It !!!! I have been Memed ...Again ...:)

Total volume of music files on my computer:

3.47GB on my regular PC ...None on this laptop ...

The last Cd I bought :

Jonny Lang Wander this world

Song playing right now:

Tesla "What you give " this is one of our songs ..I love it ...
It is my favorite Tesla song ...

Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me:

Rascall Flats 'Bless the broken road'
Tesla 'What you give'
Bo Bice singing Whippin Post
have listened to Holla back girl alot lately (the little ones loves it )
Wonderful tonight by Eric Clapton

**********AND THE SECOND MEME ***********

Blogger that you most want to meet in person?

Probably Angie from over at Ficken Chingers because she seems the most like someone I would hang out with in RL .. She has grown on me :)

2. Blogger who makes you laugh the most?

Well that is a toss up between Guppyman ,Master Yoda ,and this guy that I found on Blog Explosion that I thought I had blog rolled and now I can not find so when I find him again I will post his link ...I found it ..He challenged me in a battle and I lost :( that is like three times I lost to him dang it He is still funny he is Tony's rants

3. Blogger whose template(skin) is the coolest?

Some of my favorites that I have seen so far are( in no particular order ) Bitchalicious,Pineapple,Misty at Soapbox Superstar ,True Jersey Girl,Xtessa (of course :) )But what happened to the cute lil chick in the lab coat ?I liked her,Ashley's Random Blog ,Dawn,Crazy Single Mom ...and Plum Crazy Millers
I am sure there are others but these stand out to me :)

4. Blogger you can't wait to read a new entry from?

Ok this list is going to be very long If I list them all ...I usually go first to the ones that come to me the most goes ....I always go to see Xtessa,True Jersey Girl ,Janie Q ,Angie ,Guppy of course
Vegemite ,Zazza fooky ,Petroville ,Michele ,Panthergirl ...Alot of people It is hard to get to everyone every day sometimes ..I don't see how all you that have been here a very long time do it Thanks to you all that have made me feel very welcome ...If I didn't mention you it was not intentional ..My blogroll is getting huge ;)

Anyway shewwwww that is over ...I have figured out why some people do not do Meme's ..they take especially when you are adding hyperlinks for everyones pages anyway I want to Tag Angie and Janie and Jersey !!...:) TAG YOUR IT !!!!


  1. Na na na na na haven't caught me yet. :) One of these days you will get me, I know.

    Thank you for including me in your favorites! Like xtessa said over at my place..I think I am blushing! :)

    Later, girl

  2. uh, oh, you tagged me but i don't know what i'm suppose to do???????
    i came here to visit and got this surprise instead. time for some instructions, don't forget, i'm technology challenged.

  3. hey!

    the girl in the lab coat? she quit and became a SAHM.;)

    don't worry, i'm not done making my blog over (never really done). so you might just see a come back of the girl in the lab coat!

  4. Wow two Memes in one! What a good blogger you are :)

  5. I already did the first one...but since you were soooo complimentary to me, I will do the second one (tomorrow)!

  6. ok, i finished it, finally, i see what you mean about it being alot of work.

  7. Meme aren't as easy as they look are they?? I'm honored you like my template ;0) I hope you'll like my makeover...if I can ever get the girl to finish it!!! I need more purple!! Going to go catch up since I was here last.

  8. Awww shucks! I like it here too. I was just coming over to see how your weekend was and I see you're over here playing all kinds of games!


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