Friday, June 03, 2005

The image game ....

I am posting my results of the game that True Jersey Girl posted ..I am still wondering why I could not cut and paste the premise of the game from her page ....but anyway ..I will do it the old fashioned way by flipping back and forth and typing it out myself goes ....

ok the first one is :" The place I grew up" :


the second one is :"The place I live now ":


the third is :"My name ":(which is Tracii spelling was taken from Tracii Guns of the band L.A. Guns at about age 12 ..I have kept it since family ,friends ( yes even my mother ) spell it with two "ii's" now ".. :)
on my birth certificate it is spelled Tracy ( how boring )


the fourth one is :"My Grandmothers name ":


and my other grandma :


the fifth one is " My favorite food ":


the sixth one is :"Favorite Drink ":


the last one is :"My favorite smell " :


and there ya have it :)..If anyone is willing to do this also ..holler at me and I will jump over to you and check out your answers ...Even though it took me awhile to do ..It was pretty entertaining :) Have a Great weekend!!!!! .....

ooooooopppps !!!!UPDATE: Somehow I over looked "My favorite song " here goes ...( hmmm thinking of what song ..I love music,so it is hard to narrow down to just one ... .I guess I will post my all time fav ...)

Wonderful Tonight ( Eric Clapton):

wonderful tonight


  1. Hey there! Wow small blogging world it is. Here via Michele's....but I'm a True Jersey stalker and I think I met your husband today as well! Imagine that! Very nice blog, glad I came across it!

  2. I had so much fun with this one! Go look on my May archives...I think May 22nd I did this meme. Love all the images you found!

  3. Wow, thanks for the blogroll link! I haved returned the favor! :) Feel the love! hahahahaha ;)

  4. You were mentioned by Xtessa, so I've come to look. It's a great blog!

    Though I usually deal with life on the Enterprise, I have a dinner guest survey this weekend.

  5. I looooooved LA Guns!!! "Ballad of Jane" is one of my favorite songs of all time!

  6. I love Ballad of Jane :) as a matter of fact I think I will have to listen to that now ...I haven't heard that in awhile .....


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