Friday, June 24, 2005


Hahahaha it is so hot here I found myself today listening to "It's cold outside " by Jessica Simpson and Nick....Just to cool off ...I love that song and it reminds me of the winter and Christmas ...Maybe if I turn the air down enough I can pretend it is snowing out Well I am sorry I have been away for a few days ..I think I am so use to working and writing out notes for people to do that it carried over to home ...I wrote two pages of "honey we must do's " for Guppy and I to do before the 4th ...stuff like wash the dog ,wash the car ,scrub out the fridge , sweep down driveway ..and on and on Have I ever told you guys how very anal I am about my house ..especially when company is coming ? I like everything perfect ..having said that I am well aware that friends and family come to see you and not your house .lol I say I know that but you can not get my brain to register that if the house is not perfect everything will be ok I mean down to the most minute detail like dusting ceiling fans or wiping down around door knobs I am a freakkkkkkkkkkk ...Can anyone say OCD? I think if I would allow myself to do so I would clean constantly ...I do not of course allow that But it constantly bugs me while I am not cleaning ...Anyway enough about that
I am going to finish listening to "Let it snow " and get to checking some things off my list ....:) oh and btw I think the songs are working ...lmao it is feeling a lil cooler in here .hahahhahaha !!! Have a great weekend All !!!!
oh wait.. P.S.
The Complimenting Commenter has declared it "The Summer of Compliments"..and issued a challenge. The challenge is to give out 100 compliments to 100 others throughout the summer. It can be in the blog world or in the real world, it's up to you. If you are for it, make your pledge in the comments section on the above linked page .Please stop by their site ( I am not sure if it is a he or she ) Anyway I agreed to post it on my blog as well and to participate ...So if you would like to join us please feel free ... ok NOW have a great weekend . Oh and my first compliment will be all of you that visit me regularly are awesome ..You are beautiful people and I am blessed to have met you :)

Oh and I forgot to also tell you that Tuesday Bo Bice's single came out ...
I would have never known that if I did not work retail and closely with the rep of the vendor that distributes the music to my company ...He brought it to me before putting it out ...wooo hooo I was excited ..The first song is the boring same song that Carrie has on hers, then Vehicle featuring Bon Jovi's own Richie Sambora on guitar ...Have any of you seen the cd yet ? Or atleast the cover ? Couild they have gotten a worse pic of him ?It is not very flattering at all ...Geeeezzz anyway I still love him ....Ok ..this time it is good bye and Have a great weekend for real time ....lmao


  1. Whoo hoo! Glad to hear his single is out.. gonna have to go grab one!

    I know exactly how you feel about company and a clean house! Right there with ya! :)~

    Loved that 30 min downpour we had about 3:30 this afternoon, I was really hoping I could get into a sauna directly after work... and I didn't have to do anything but walk outside...lmao Thank God for AC!

    Y'all take care and have a great weekend!

  2. Welcome back :) AHAHAHAHAA...You sure there isn't anything else, I'm going now....last more thing? No? Ok....have a great weekend and try to be less anal...if you can! AHAHAHA

  3. *covers eyes and ears* LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA...I did NOT hear you speak of BO...I will NOT dream of BO. :) hee hee

    Glad you're back! Missed ya! good luck getting the house in tip top shape! I don't envy you. Oh, and when you are done..could you come over and do some things around here? K? Thanks! See you soon! :)

  4. LOL! i used to be like that when my mom comes to visit our house. she has eyes of a hawk...

    i haven't seen Bo's latest CD... i want the real album!

  5. I love Bo, and think he sould have won!!!

  6. Mmm, my house is a wreck, wanna come clean up mine too? ;)

    Here via Michele's today... so Hi!

  7. Me too, my house and kitchen are in a shambles and I have until tomorrow to get it spotless.

    I might die.

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  8. and i'm back from michele's meet 'n' greet!

    how's the cleaning goin'?:)


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