Monday, June 20, 2005


Paper Work

Well It is definitely a Monday in every sense of the
Work was a I work in the back office of a major retail store and we are having a quarterly inspection tomorrow ..Well as far as my daily routine and documentation I keep that very up to date ..WELLLLLLL They decide to let us know THE DAY BEFORE the inspection that the company is wanting things done differently ...Isn't that lovely??? ..So I went in this morning at 7 am, got home at 5:30 pm, and I am going back in at about 7:30 ..working for a few hours and getting back up at 3 am to be there before 5am ...I am going to be worn out ...Hopefully I know my butt from a hole in the ground tomorrow during the whole thing
Anyway wish me luck ...Since I will not be here tonight I will apologize for not doing my round of visits to you all :( ...I will try and catch up very soon ....For now I will post some pics of my beautiful niece from my wedding ....also since Fathers Day was just yesterday I decided to throw in one of my Daddy with her ....Hope you all are having a better monday





  1. Oh she is truely beautiful!!! I hope you make it through your rough day....thanks for swinging by my blog :) Hang in there

  2. work... bad! LOL! those are some nasty work hours. hope you make it all in one piece!;)

    good luck!

  3. Aw....sorry, I mean I know nothing of this "work thing" you speak of but it sounds like it really sucks! And your niece is just adorable!!! Hope your days get better as the week goes on!

  4. Yuk! Sorry you are having to put in so much time at the office! I will cross my fingers that the inspection goes off without a hitch!

    Your niece is beautiful! What a sweety!

  5. Such a cutie pie, your niece!! Say, that animated icon at the top of this post is precisely how I used to spend 8 hours a day, prior to becoming a full time, homeschooling SAHM. Although my current hours are 24/7, they are far more rewarding than shuffling papers around. Just watching those animated papers quickly refilling gave me an anxiety attack. AAAAAAAAAH!

  6. Blah top last minute changes!!

    She is adorable! Love her cheeks.

  7. awwww, she's adorable

  8. She's so pretty and your father is so handsome


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