Sunday, June 05, 2005

Oh the drama ....

Well last night was very eventful to say the least .We were well into our evening ...Had just settled down pretty much and got comfy when the door bell rings ...It is our next store neighbor( whom we barely know besides waving hello and goodbye occasionally ) with her 8 year old daughter complete with blanket and pillow ..Hmmmmmmmm you say yeah me too ...Well anyway seems that her live in boyfriend likes to beat on her ( she had a black eye and reeked of alcohol ) .So she wanted to know if her daughter could stay here for the night because they ( her and mr. not -so -wonderful ) were about to throw down .Of course we were like "sure ,not a problem " .The woman left from here ..loaded up the teens in the house and I have not seen her car yet ...I am starting to wonder if she is coming back jk .I have no idea how long we have an extra 8 year old ,but our daughter seems to like it .Heather is an only child and welcomed the company of someone her age ..I really wonder about this kid though because she is very skiddish of touch ..Meaning when the girls were about to go to bed the lil girl told Heather ( ours ) not to hold her if they were going to sleep in the same bed ...Well we read to ours and tuck her in every night still ...Heather being the nurturing sole that she is went to tuck this girl in and she was like " hey " like get off me kinda thing ...That really makes me wonder ...Anyway one thing this lil experience has taught me is that our child is a breeze ...a very well mannered kid ..So if you are thinking your kids are heathens just get someone else's for a especially one you don't really know that well .Not that this little girl is bad per say, it is just that I realized how anal I really am .I like things so so and in our household we are very routine .When the routine is broken I get aggitated ..Heather falls right to sleep .We were up an extra two hours last night with about 25 excuses from the new little one to prevent having to sleep AHHHHHHHHH ( pulls hair out ) . We are hoping the mom comes back soon ..We are starting to worry ,wonder if she is ok . .......Anyway ..I will stop the babbling now .....
Hope everyone is having a great day :)


  1. OMG!

    that's something... although i totally get you about realizing that your kid is SO much more "normal" (lol!)... there are two kids in anya's class who are, let's just say, unusual.;)

    btw, went by guppy's. made me cry with the vows! WOW!

  2. What a night. Hope the Mom comes soon. The poor little girl.Keep us posted.

  3. good for you for taking in a stranger, this child has obviously been through alot at her tender age. sometimes it's a wake up call to just how bad some kids have it and just how lucky we all are. i have days when my kids make me nuts, for various silly reasons, but there's is not a day that goes by that i'm thankful that i have them and each of them knows that. god bless your little visitor.

  4. How very upset and lost this little one must feel inside while trying to appear brave and nonchalant on the outside. This may account for her not wanting to be touched. It is tough not to cry when someone is being kind and thoughtful and your heart is breaking. You are a wonderful neighbor. I hope and pray that woman finds herself in a good woman's shelter where she can get the help needed for her and her children. Thank you for visiting my site via Michele and thanks for your great comments.

  5. That is sad. It really tells you what kind of life she lives. Bless her little heart. You are to be commended for taking her in with no notice and barely knowing the mother. Let us know what happens.

  6. You should be blessed for giving this child a safe place to call home for the night - and for sharing this with us.

    I'm visiting (again) from Michele's, and am enjoying your blog immensely.

  7. WOW! WHat a sad story. I am very sensitive to what children can go through. It makes me wonder just what has been happening over there. I'm a member of EVE - the Ever Vigilant Exchange. We came together to have a place to talk about what we can do to protect our children from predators. Anyway, hi from Michele and from Texas too!

  8. You are being that child's angel, whether she realizes it or not. I would worry about her not wanting to be touched. That is a red flag to me, because most 8 year olds love to be hugged and held.
    Actually, I don't hope her Mom comes back too soon; that child needs to know what a normal home is like.

    Michele sent me.

  9. Red flags here as well. I was one of those children and from what you told us... she is a victim. So sad... no child should ever have to live this.

    Here visiting from Michele. :)


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