Saturday, June 25, 2005

Trendy Lunch ?


Well it started about two weeks ago .I started craving sushi big time .I was determined to eat some yesterday .Well we went over to his mom's to see how the painting of her new home office was going and she was hungry as well ..So John and I and her and her man all went out for a nice dinner...A dinner minus sushi Soooooo today for lunch I got to craving it again and went to the Super Target .A friend of mine told me they had great sushi and man was she right ..It was awesome .I got a dragon roll .Oh to verify something ...I eat fake sushi Not the raw fish kind .( I tried the raw kind once and it taste like chewing a fishy rubberband ) The only way I will eat it is if it has imitation crab meat in it .Anyway this one had the crab and carrots and avocado ..Oh man I am getting hungry again thinking about it .Anyway ,after getting my sushi I swung by the Starbucks that is inside the Target right as you leave A tall decaf Mocha frappachino was calling my name .I was standing at the counter ordering ,sushi in hand , and Guppy is like " I just can't eat this trendy " ..I was like "what " ..and thought about it for a second and was like .." You know it does seem kinda trendy doesn't it " ." I didn't intend for it to be ,it just kind of happened that way " . We get my frappa and head on over to Taco Cabana to get him some "not so trendy " fajita nachos I have no idea why I thought my lunch selection was blogable but hey ,what the heck right Gotta blog about something for the day .Anyway , I am off to do some housework and to watch Hitch after Gup gets back ...
Japanese Umbrella Hope everyone is having a great weekend !!!


  1. You'll like Hitch. It is a cute movie

  2. I love sushi, all of it, even the raw stuff :-)
    I want to see Hitch too!

  3. LOL! Presentstorm, we are so alike in food selection! i eat fake sushi, too! never the raw fish, only the imitation crab! LOL!!!

    and, yes, everytime i pass by Starbucks, there's a mocha frap calling out for me!

  4. Anonymous5:42 AM

    i saw hitch, it had some really funny parts, can i expect to see a movie review?

  5. I just got Hitch over the weekend too, but haven't seen it all yet... maybe tonight I can finish watching it.

    Your house has to be practically spotless and sparkling about now... makes me want to overhaul mine as well... LOL

    Take care!!


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