Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Yeahhhhhh I made it ....

Yeah I made it and actually got a 100% ,even through all the changes ....I was excited ,even got a high five from the store manager ....WOOT!!! I am so excited that all that lack of sleep and living at the store basically paid off ...I came home today and took a 41/2 hour nap ...lol I am hoping I wll be back to normal soon ..Now I have 9 days until my mother comes from Kentucky to visit ...She has never been to Texas ...I am super excited but have so much to do ...We throw the annual fourth of July bash at our house every year ...Last year it was like 6 days after we moved in to this new house ..Lmao That was a trick but we managed ...It still had that hideous wallpaper that is shown on Guppy's blog ...lmao And we have changed soooo much since then ..Thank God ...lol Included is an after shot of the painting we did ...We did old world Italy in the dining room instead of whatever that other was suppose to represent ..lol Anyway I am excited to finally get family here to visit ...I have been here three years and have had none come visit yet ...Luckily we have been back home like 3 times .Ok well I am still sleepy and my thoughts are going all over the place and I feel like I am rambling ...Plus I am starving and need to run to the grocery and pick something up to cook ...A woman's job is never done ...

Here are some pics to enjoy ...Let me know if you like the difference ..

Here is a pic of the wall in progress ...ignore all the stuff in the pic still and the missing trim at the time ..lol I will have to post pics of the finished product soon ...But in this you can atleast see the faux finish we did ...
faux finish

the before pic of the built in ( man that green was awful )
built in before

and the built in after :
built in after

and there ya have it ..lol I hope you are all having a great day


  1. I assume you mean you made it back to work? You made it up? You made it big on Broadway? You made it up to me in a big way? You made it up the mountain to the top so that you could see the sunshine?

    (I'll stop now! Glad you made it!)

  2. i'm loving the AFTER pictures!!! i want to have some colors in here, too. my apartment is SO stark white. but, we're gonna move anyway so why bother...;)

    glad you're back, girl!

  3. Right on, I'm glad the inspection is done and over with... for the quarter anyway...:) I love the Faux Finish, you guys have done a great job!

  4. Great job! I can relate to the project. We tore out and completely remodeld our kitchen last summer. Ugh. It was the Summer of the Kitchen.

  5. Great work! loving the colors :) BTW...do you know to never go to the grocery store when your starving? LOL

  6. Looks very lovely...nice colors. How exciting that you are having family to visit...I'm sure you will have a great time!

  7. You are my first visit on my goal of 100 compliments this summer...found you on there pledging, too :) So I popped in to say, WOW...BEAUTIFUL home improvement going on! Best of luck with the visit :)

  8. Awesome after pictures!!
    It looks great! Will you come decorate for me??

  9. oooooooooooooooooooo, classy

  10. I am glad everything at work went well.

  11. Nice! I love the color tones. Warm and classy.

  12. OHHHHH! Now it all makes sense! I love the after pix, BTW! I'm dying to do some painting in our apartment, but I never have enough time off!

    Glad it all went well!


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