Friday, July 22, 2005

Intimate Ceremonies

Ok I would say if you are at work or have kids that can read lurking over your shoulder you should probably click over to the next blog and save this post for later It is not XXX rated but it is sexual .
Today is Friday and the day that I post one of the techniques from my book ( for entertainment value only of course ... * wink * ..lmao )

"This week is # 267 Shaving ritual( for him ):
A titillating way to build deep trust and intimacy,the venerable art of shaving pubic hair has been around for centuries.While your man may be reluctant at first , you can :(1)explain that it will greatly increase his genital sensitivity ;(2)say you can't wait to shower lots of kisses on his bare pubis; (3)promise to let him shave you .
Gather a small scissors,a razor that's been used only once or twice,a shaving brush and cream ,a basin of warm water , a washcloth ,and baby oil.Clad in filmy lingerie,make an elegant entrance with your tools and a vase of flowers on a tray . Prop him up with pillows and tell him how manly and gorgeous his Lance of Love is as you carefully trim the surrounding hair with scissors.Then apply a hot wet washcloth to the short fuzz ,softening it for easier removal .Finally ,smooth the shaving cream and carefully render him hairless.Rub on soothing baby oil ( or witch hazel) to prevent razor burn as you coo over his freshly exposed virtility.For a stirring conclusion,decorate him with garlands,wide ribbon,or scarves;groom and tickle his weapon with clean shaving brush ;and/or massage the oiled,babylike skin of his genital area . "

Ok while most of this doesn't sound a bit odd to me I will have to say that decorating his weapon like a friggen Christmas tree does I mean garlands ?..lmao I am getting a very humorous visual

Next week will be the shaving ritual for her ...So stay tuned


  1. Well, I must say I am not into the whole "ritual" of it...but less hair down there is definitely a plus in my book. The man has got to keep it trimmed (as does the woman!!!).

  2. okay, that has to be weirder than the foil! ahahahaha! and i don't want pubic hair to cling on my filmy lingerie!;)

  3. Hola from Michele's~!

    Well, I wouldn't suggest any elecric lights regardless of how festive it might seem at the time...

    Fun post!!

  4. My man keeps his own game tight, although great post.
    Michele sent me, btw.

  5. I agree Jersey ..less hair is a plus ..Guppy and I shave each other but I do NOT decorate his manhood like a Christmas tree It is more like you scratch my back and I will scratch yours kind of thing ...Hmmmm I never thought of making a ceremony out of it ..lmao

  6. Hahah! Thanks for the tips! Now I'm off to the local Christmas decoration store for ornaments for Honey's Schlang!

    Here via Michele!

  7. Oh my. Michele sent me but I'm not sure I'm old enough to be here ;)

    (ok I'm older than dirt and I'm laughing my a$$ off...)

  8. I barely trust myself with a razor on my own body. I'd feel so damn guilty if I nicked him.

    Hi, Michele sent me!

  9. I'd be scared too. The last thing you want is to have to explain that story at the Emergency Room! LOL!!

  10. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Michelle sent me! I'm thinking I probably won't try this one. But I'll have to check back on your next lesson. :)

  11. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I vow to give that a go....when I find a man!

  12. Lance Of Love?!!? LOL. :)

    Ok, going to look for the scarves...

    Oh...Michele sent me!

  13. I say keep with the Christmas theme. Although, you might want to get him out of the tub before you plug in any Christmas lights. Safe sex, and all that.

  14. We do have those little battery powered lights for the mini christmas village....

  15. I will say that I must be bare down there but he does not have to be....He must be clean, and trimmed but not bare.

    I am here via Michele tonight:)

  16. Err...I'll stay out of this, if you don't mind!

  17. Garland.. hehehehe that's is funny. I can't see myself shaving someone else, but the less hair the better! hahaha


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