Wednesday, March 29, 2006

American Idol...

****for those of you that have not watched yet ... click to the next blog now SPOILER ALERT!!!******

Well I nailed the bottom three, thank goodness. Lisa needed to go so badly. I have not liked her since her audition really. Well I have never liked Ace either. While I usually like Katherine , her performance last night was just plain painful for me.

So I for one am glad that Lisa has left the building.Next week it needs to be Paris and then Ace....

They did terrible last night as a whole ..What was going on with them all? I mean they give them the 21 century to choose from and most of them flopped big time under that pressure. The only performances I liked were in this order: Bucky( loved it),Elliot( didn't love it , but liked it),Madessa ( had to give her props for bustin out with one of my favorite Christian songs and praising God for millions), then Chris...(Chris was borederline for me though).

I usually love Taylor but to tell the truth , when they were doing the recap I had totally forgot about him.

Paris I am so bored and over with it is not funny,Mcphever was REALLY ,REALLY bad last night.Kellie was ok... she didn't sing bad to me ...she just looked bored and had a very bad song choice.

So next week is country so that means that Bucky will stay another week .. YEAH!!! I still fail to see what all the HATERS have against him. Boo on you
I think he is a cutie and he can sing his butt off...

Off to watch the Amazing Race... :)

Yes , Yes I am a reality tv junky


  1. SO the first photo is the girl who got the boot and the second photo is the girl you want booted next week?

    I haven't watch AI any the last couple of seasons... I guess I got tired of lookin' of those people who appears to be stuck on themselves or something?! LOL

    That guy has pretty eyes.

  2. I don't watch American Idol, so I come for my up-date here. Thanks you.:)
    Hehe - Amazing Race is the only TV show we watch here. I enjoy that show very much.:) We missed it last night though...

  3. MAN ITS BEEN A WHILE SINCE I READ YOUR BLOG... I HAD TO CATCH UP ON SO MUCH!!!ok so i also stopped by to tell you that cartoon network was right. funny how kids perceive a word to look by what it sound like eh? also i love LOVE your new skin (i think that what its called) your background... its so pretty, where do ya'all come up with these? see ya soon.......

  4. So agreed with your post. I couldn't believe how they all did. I was expecting to be blown away with it being 21st century theme. I was like, I have strep and I stayed awake for this???

    So ready for Paris to go.

    We really liked Bucky the best and we both weren't real sure of Chirs and he's my fav...

    Can't wait for next week.

  5. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Sorry I have to disagree... I don't like Bucky at all and I loved Katherines performance.

    As for Lisa she never made an impression one way or the other.

  6. It's not so much that I hate Bucky...I just hate the way he sings. ;) Actually, he is ok at country, and I don't hate country, but I just don't think he is up to par with some of the others and I don't think he should have made it to the top 12.

    Though I thought Katharine's performance was not good compared to her other weeks, I think she totally deserves to be there in the top and if she can just find that "perfect" song, she'll be fine. I TRY not to dismiss anyone on one night's performance alone, but it's hard not to sometimes. :)

    Oh, and tell Gup I was totally joking on my blog. :)


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