Friday, March 10, 2006


Well it is friday and I somehow managed to not post all week.It has been a busy week to say the least. It seemed that everyday was rush ,rush ,rush and not enough time in a day to get everything I needed or wanted to, done. I think I need to be more disciplined in spending quality time with God daily. I have his word around me daily ... through my watching Joyce Meyers in the morning ,and the Christian radio station I listen to all day ,but I mean really spending time every single day to read the word and chit chat with God. I beleive if I would do that that, he would bless the rest of the time in the day. Kind of like tithing but with time instead of money. I need to become a better steward of my time. I think I will make that a self challenge :)

Anyway ...enough of that babbling.

It is Friday and I miss my best ( girl) friend.( Of course my husband is my BEST friend). She is having fun hanging out with the Astros in Florida during spring training.She has been gone all week and will be gone one more week.WAHHH!!! No but seriously... I am super happy for her. This is her first real vacation,but I miss her terribly. I miss her at church ...and I miss her at work. I miss chatting with her daily.

I got my blood work back and it was all awesome . PRAISE God for answering prayers left and right.They have switched surgeons on me AGAIN...but that is ok ...I know God is in control of everything and I am trusting in him and him alone.

I have missed all of you and I am sorry I have not been around to you guys in days.

Please help me keep my parents in your prayers. My dad hurt his back real bad last week at work. He had an MRI done and will get the test results Tuesday. The nurse thought he had scoliosis ( I know that is so not spelled right) he looked THAT bad apparently. My poor daddy.

They are in the process of buying thier first home. They have been the caretakers of a Church Retreat for like 10 years now ...So this is pretty huge for them. My mom had to get a "real" job...I say that meaning ...a job that has set hours and days.

My super wonderful MIL,being the very very selfless and giving person that she is flying my mother out here for my surgery. My Mema ( grandmother) is coming as well. I am so thrilled they will be here for me. The bad side to that is my dad being hurt and the whole new house thing all happening right now. She is a wee bit stressed but knows that God has it under control.

That is sure a wonderful thing to know...

Let's see ....well that is all I can think of right now brain is tired I think I am going to go relax a bit and I will try and stay up with this thing a little better.

Please go visit my Renter ....I will feature her very soon ...Maybe tommorow!! Night all ...Have a super great weekend!!!!


  1. It's wonderful to have such a great family support system, from both sides, too! Praise God that He is in control of all things :-)
    have a relaxed weekend!

  2. As Chrixean said - it is wonderful to have a supportive family. When I had my surgery 5 years ago, my mom flew here from Germany :). Made my healing process much faster.
    Although I missed you, I totally understand that there is life besides blogging - lol...
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend...

  3. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Things do have a way of working out. I'm glad that God is helping you and your family. Sorry about your father.


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