Sunday, March 19, 2006

Uhhhh...Oh yeah

Well the weekend is almost over. Isn't it funny how the week likes to creep but the weekend goes by at lightning speed?

Gup's dad did come down yesterday and spent the night with us. It was quite the unexpected surprize. It was very cool.I love to see Gup and his dad bond. It is something that was very far from there as a child. It is awesome to see him put aside his hurt feelings as a child and embrace his father like he was always there. God is good...

It did force us to clean out the guest room and assemble the That is something that needed done for my mom and mema's arrival. I am so happy that they will be here for my surgery.( Thank you again to my wonderful MIL for making that happen...God uses her so often. She is the most giving person I have ever met.So compassionate and caring of others and thier needs)

His dad also informed me that he will be driving up here to be there as well. Wow never know how loved you are until something like this happens... It has really been a blessing to me to see how many people care. How many people tell me that they have added me to thier church's prayer list or are keeping me in thier prayers. People that have added the surgery date and time to thier calender. That is so awesome to me. God is so very awesome.

I am sitting here listening to Guppy learn to play "I'll fly away" on guitar. He is so cute He is coming up with yet another version of that song ...If you do not know it you really should check it out by Jars of Clay.

I often times wish I was musically talented. I listen to Gup, lil one, and his mom talk music lingo and it is so beyond me It amazes me how they can hear when things are out of tune or off key like with the piano.

Wow I went off on a HUGE tangent....LOL he is cracking me up over here with his Zeppelin like version of I'll fly away Maybe I should not attempt to post while listening to

ok I am off now ...I lost my train of thought...
I hope you all had a great weekend!!!


  1. Have Gup do a music video of himself playing the gee tar and then dub himself in the background doin a light sabre interpretation of his song. heh heh

  2. It looks like you will have a lot of support along with the prayers.
    Your Guppy is learning to play one of my grandma's favorite songs. Of course she never knew about Zeppelin!
    She was born in 1891.

  3. Nice blog. Thanks for commenting on mine. We are neighbors....

    My goofy husband just HAD to have one of those ESTEBAN guitars and it has yet to be taken out of the case....

  4. I missed my husbands guitar playing, but I did get to sit through the drums! So, glad he traded the drums for a 4 wheeler.

    I love that you talk so well of your MIL, mine hates that in law words, she says mother in love because I'm one of her children now and she loves me. I have so many friends that don't get along with their MIL's and I just don't get it. So glad you have a great one!

  5. You're very blessed indeed.. I am not sure anyone would come here if it were me.. lol Well my grandma would I'm sure..

    but that's about it I'd think.

    I love Jars of Clay too.


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