Monday, March 13, 2006

Wonder Woman!!!

My new tenant had me at wonder woman. As soon as I saw her template I was hooked. One of my childhood heros was of course WONDER WOMAN!!!!! I had a WW bathing suit and wore that thing out. I mean I wore it until it was basically see thru... When I put it on I WAS wonder woman in my own mind. It was awesome. I had so many adventures. I battled the bad guys and saved the world on many Just seeing her template brought back some great childhood memories for me. The coolest is after I turned 18 and met my biological father, he told me I was related to her. This was before I told him how much I LOVED her as a child. He was real into genealogy. I was excited to say the least.How cool is it that my childhood hero is a very distant relative... I think it's totally cool :) It would have been even better if I would have met her at some point and got an autograph... All I have now are memories and two wonder woman

So go on over and say howdy to my new tenant... It looks like she just roughed out a storm ....How funny huh, seeing as she is renting from me :) anyway I am just being silly now. Have a great night all ....


  1. That was awesome! I have no idea what a tenant is in blog terms though. And I have seen "Rent my blog" on a few places now. What is that?

  2. I googled and found my answer. Again, that blog looked awesome. I'm going back again!

  3. Anonymous9:33 AM

    I'll be sure to check out your tenant Present Storm.

    Hope the rest of your week is a good one. :-)


  4. Anonymous10:16 AM

    I had a lot (ALOT) of barbies, but not wonder woman.
    I wonder why?

  5. You are a hoot :)...We never had the show in Germany, but when I met my Sweetheart we watched 'Army TV' and he introduced my to WW :)

  6. Genealogy is loads of fun. I have been researching my ancestors for over 14 years. The only actress I have found that I am connected to so far, is Judy Garland, who was my 4th cousin.
    However I have traced one of my lines back to the Kings and queens of England, Ireland and France, which includes the famous Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine.

  7. WW is sooooooo hot! I can remember being a little boy growing up and watching the WW shows........ok i need to stop now. :)


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