Sunday, March 26, 2006

I wonder...? Blogmad much?

Ok so I have been surfing BlogMad like a crazy person. I noticed that the credits run out very fast if you don't keep up with it.I really do not think I am winning the race though My hubby finally taught me how to up my allocation so that I can keep some.The funny thing is ...My credits are disappearing supposedly because my blog is in the rotation. Yet I have had only one comment to ever come from Blogmad.... and that one was before I had ever surfed What am I doing? Is it even worth the time spent surfing? I have found some cool blogs and commented on quite a few. I guess for that it is worth it. It is very, very hard to keep enough credits to keep you in rotation though.I think Blogmad needs a battle of the blogs like BE does... that would give us another way to earn credits. I don't know really ... I know I am rambling I just encourage you ,if you are here via Blogmad... and you come across this blog in the rotation to atleast say Hi,here via Blogmad ... I am conducting my own little test here. I use to run across myself while surfing BE all the time .. I have yet to do that here. Has anyone done that? Anyway, have a great sunday and happy blog surfing !!!


  1. I cannot get what Blogmad is all about. Credits for what? Rotation?? What does that mean? Loosing credits?? WHY???

    This sounds like terribly hard work for a payoff that just alludes me...So, I'll just not get involved in something I truly don't understand...Maybe ignorance is bliss! (lol)
    Thanks for writing about this because it clarified for me my complete inability to comprhend Blogmad...and I'm not going to even try anymore.

    Here from Michele today!

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    nope never ran across myself. That would be odd. But I have seen familur blog on battle of the blogs.

  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Well I'm getting a nice amount of decent traffic from Blogmad, so I'm happy with it. Traffic slows down when I stop surfing, but it's relatively easy to build up a good amount of credits - and being in a European timezone appears to be helping.

    I've had two comments from people finding me via blogmad in the past day, though granted one of them was nothing but abuse - the average blogmad user doesn't appear to like my politics.

  4. Anonymous11:00 AM

    There seem to be a lot of these blog-promotion sites. I suppose a lot of it is chancing upon someone you relate to whereever you go?

    Thanks for coming by. And in answer to your question, fennel sprouts don't really taste much at all, no different than mung bean, alfalfa or any other sprout as far as I can tell. I guess they develop fennel flavor only a lot later.

  5. I tried BlogMad, but decided I liked BE better. I quit doing Battle of the Blogs though because of a couple of sites I thought were trying to make it more of a good versus evil battle. I finally decided they must've called all their friends to vote for them when they chose to battle me. Maybe I just don't have enough

  6. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Don't even try mentioning the fact that you lose credits to the BlogMad folks-they tend to get a little angry when you point out you're basically surfing for no reason other than to keep your blog in the rotation. I've surfed over 800 blogs and I have 60 credits to show for it. You lose credits each time someone sees your blog through EITHER BlogMad or Varb-which I don't think is fair. My honest opinion-it seems to be somewhat fixed. I've had maybe 5 commenters from BlogMad-my stats don't show many references coming in from the site yet I can't keep my credits. Oh and I found this blog through BlogMad ;)

  7. I surfed in from BlogMad. They have it set up so that you don't come across your own blog in the rotation - after all you're supposed to be getting credits for looking at other people's blogs - not your own.

    Just a couple of notes from what I've read in earlier comments:

    1. You only loose .25 of a credit when someone views your blog through VARB - not an entire credit. You do lose 1 whole credit when people view your blog through BlogMad. But you earn 1 whole credit when you view someone else's blog through BlogMad. It's a traffic exchange, and that's how they work.

    2. When you view a blog you get a credit. The owner of the blog that you just viewed loses a credit. What did you think you were earning credits for - Christmas??? BlogMad is a traffic exchange. You view blogs to earn credits, and credits go away when other people view your blog. It's not rocket science folks. I think people expected to gain 10,000 credits and get their blogs viewed for free or something. I'm assuming Blog Explosion works much the same way, except there you have to view two blogs before anybody views yours.

    3. The girl that said it seems somewhat fixed should check out her site meter. I know that after reading that I asked 10 other BlogMad users to see if anyone else had noticed this. Of 11 people (myself and the 10 others), our site meters all show tons of BlogMad visitors each day. None of us has ever lost more credits than people viewed our blogs.

    4. As for lack of comments through BlogMad - BlogMad is a traffic exchange, not a comment exchange. If you want more comments, why don't you go on a comment campaign? I don't expect comments from traffic exchange users, when I get them it's nice, but I definitely don't expect them. I look more for comments from my regular readers.

    Basically, I am very happy with BlogMad. I have noticed a definite increase in traffic, and I think it's the best traffic exchange out there (I've tried Blogazoo, BlogClicker, and BlogMosh - I looked at BE but didn't like it at all.)

    The only people I have found in my travels that are unhappy with BlogMad are the people who either don't understand what a traffic exchange is, or the people who didn't read what they were signing up for.

  8. never heard of blogmad,hmmm
    gonna check it out.

  9. Undercover angel wasted a lot of words on completely missing the point....

    We all know what a traffic exchange is for...

    I click, I see a blog, it gives me a credit that I can use to get someone to see my blog...


    The point is.... If you aren't gaining readers from it, is it really worth it?

    I can have people click on my blog all day and stay for 20 seconds only... Do they read my posts? Do they even glance at my blog? I don't know unless they occasionally pop in and say Hi...

    My purpose in using traffic exchanges is not just to advance my hit counter. I hope that somebody out there sees my blog and likes it enough to become a reader. I hope they like it enough to throw out some comments...

    And I look for blogs I like while I'm there...

    If it was nothing but a hit counter advancement program.... I wouldn't even bother.

  10. BE is enough for me; I have little patience for surfing and surfing. There has got to be a better way!

    Hello and Happy Monday - Michele sent me today!

  11. In answer to your

    It's the Hope, Love & Good News Newsletter that I've been publishing since December 2005. Other people besides myself write stories about things God is doing in their lives or poetry...things of that nature. There's links on the sidebar to the past issues that have been in print. The upcoming newsletters will be in an email format as well as printed.

    Hope you have an abundantly blessed week!

    In His Love,

  12. I surfed there just a little to try it out. I couldn't keep credits. On BE I never surf/ed - I have 4K credis all from battles. If I have to surf for credits, I rather not. I just won't waste my time - I don't need the traffic anyway, numbers mean nothing.

  13. Anonymous2:50 PM

    never tried either, not really sure what they are all about.

  14. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Your post sounds very similar to mine - "wasted time?"

    The reason why credits build up on BE is because you don't get as many visitors to your site as you do from blogmad. Look at your stats either on the blogexplosion site and blogmad site or through a stats program. I have two blogs; on BE they each get about 20 visitors a day, more if I run one of them through Battle of the blogs; My same two sites run through blogmad - each of them receive at least 100 visits a day. Now, I do have to surf a lot to keep my sites running through BM at a fairly high rate, but I am getting people stopping to comment who say they like my blog, and then they come back and comment another time ... so I must be converting some of them into regular readers, even if they are only reading regularly as they "surf". :)

    All of the surfing I have to do to keep my blogs running through the engines IS frustrating ... but I know I'm making some progress, and along the way I'm finding some sites that i really like- this one for example :) , and I know others are finding my sites too.

    As Guppyman said, if we are surfing only to raise the hit counter, I wouldn't do it either, why bother. Instead I have found some people and sites that I really like, and possibly made some friends while talking briefly in the shoutbox too.

    Oh and Blogmad does have plans for more features. They hope to have "a list as long as your arm of new features" (Quote from Paul (Rush) at blogmad) ready to use by their May 1st true opening date. I'm sure there will be other ways to earn credits that some people might find more enjoyable at that time.

  15. Right now, I am not doing either traffic sites. I have no time. Trying to get my blogs going on my own. I am confused on BlogMad and on BE I keep getting the same blogs, nothing, we see how my 'self promoting' goes - lol.


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