Saturday, March 04, 2006


I got this idea from one of my favorite fellow bloggers , GI Gotti, over at Across the Pond.

I entered in Stormy ( I also did my real name but came up with more for Stormy so I went with it instead) on this site HERE and picked out 10 of my favorite Googlisms for it ...

1.stormy is available to make appearances at birthday parties.

2.stormy is some sort of sex goddess( wooo hooo)

3.stormy is more independent and is better at occupying herself while out of her cage( lol nice to know huh ...)

4.stormy is a retired fbi agent and had entertained hikers with her many interesting stories ( why I bet you never knew my life was so interesting )

5.stormy is definately not a guy( I wonder if the boobs gave that away ?)

6.stormy is the rock solid bass player every band wants ( Wow I wonder if Bo Bice has room for a bass player?)

7.stormy is a native texan ( is not true..I was not born in Texas but I got here as soon as I could :) )

8.stormy is very good looking ( *blushes* { in my best southern belle accent} " Why thank you google" )

9.stormy is a dwarf/lop mix...( is that way I get the overwhelming urge to lick sometimes? )

and last but not least, ***** DRUM ROLL*** please ..........

10. stormy is unlike anything else you'll hear this year


  1. Yeah #10 is good! hehe

  2. VERY COOL! I love it. Give Bo a call and ask him if he needs a bass player, it never hurts to ask!!!

    You are so funny!!! I love #5

  3. Glad to know you occupy yourself well while out of your cage. Squeakers gets pretty naughty when she gets out.

  4. that's cute! i'll have to try it! :-)

  5. You are just too funny.:) Well, maybe I'll give a shot. But both, my on-line name and real name are very short...So we will see what I might come up with...

  6. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I did that once. It ws fun.
    For my real name it showed a lot of headstones. I guess because my real name is so old fashion.

    Oh and...
    Bo Bice! what more can one say....


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