Monday, March 27, 2006

Chronicals of an exhausted mom

Zephra, from Chronicals of an exhausted mom, is my tenant this week. She is apparently a little frazzled lately and has been forgeting things left and right. None of us ever do that .....yeah right!!! I do the same thing all the time. She is a mom of 4 so you can imagine. She is also having hair issues which I am sure all of us ladies can relate to as well. She is debating a perm after just getting her hair cut short. So go on over and check her out and give her some great advice on both...Have a great Monday all!


  1. I just adore Z. She's been a blogfriend for several months now. She truly is an exhausted mom but a totally sweet person. What a great person you have this week!

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    i'll go check her out.

  3. Anonymous2:52 PM

    ummm, i can't find the link?

  4. you should be able to click on her thumbnail over to the left...
    hmmm wonder why it is not coming up for you?

  5. Thanks for the nice write up.


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