Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thirteen cute/funny things that lil one has said..or still does say

1. I love you TOO much

2. (pop-lee-er)instead of

3. She says may you pass me something instead of can you or will you.

4. When you ask her something that she doesn't know she will respond with " I do not have a whole entire clue"

5. So I started to ask her if she had a partial clue so now she will say "I do not have a whole entire clue or a partial one either"

6. When she was a few years younger she would fart and start laughing and say "I started".

7. She use to love the song " Proud to be an American" and she would sing it like this..." And.... I ....won't... forget ....the..... mannequin who gave that right to me."

8. She likes to use the word apparently ALOT!!!

9. The funniest part about that is that she does not always use it in the right

10. It is cute that she does not "GET" the point of what makes a knock knock joke funny. So she will make up her own that makes no sense whatsoever and start laughing histarically. It is a riot...

11. I thought I could come up with thirteen so easily and now I am drawing a total blank...

12. So forgive me for cheating here Man I had a ton of them in my head the other day. As she gets older they are becoming less and less :(.

13. Tomorrow she turns 8 years old ,and I really hope she has atleast a few more years where she says cute things. It is so adorable.

bonus: It is so funny .. I just remembered one... instead of reMeMber she would always say That one was so cute we didn't correct her for the longest

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  1. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Enjoy the time you still have with your little one. They grow up way to fast :( Ours will be 21 in June - Yikes. But I don't feel like having a 21-year-old son...Thank you for sharing the cute sayings.
    Off to link your post to mine :)

  2. Cute cute! I remember things my kids said/say. I should make notes. Both my kids do the knock knock joke thing and laugh... I try to play along LOL!!!

  3. Anonymous11:22 PM

    whatta cute and sweet list! thanks for visiting mine! btw, my comments are moderated, yours are up now :)

  4. Anonymous9:39 AM

    You had me smiling at these Present Storm. Those innocent mistakes are completely endearing.


  5. Anonymous5:05 PM

    That was absolutely cute!

  6. ..."The mannequin who gave that right to me!" I love it. When we were kids, they ran endless Elvis Presley commercials and we could never catch the lyrics to "Hard Headed Woman", so we made this is up: "Well a heard headed woman/soft-hearted man/put their heads together and you got a garbage can--all right!...great to catch up with you!

  7. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Absolutely cute! My grandbaby says funny things too.

  8. I love kid-isms.. I keep saying I'm gonna keep better track of mine and I should since my memory won't always been as sharp..


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