Monday, March 20, 2006

kabob virgins and chocolatey goodness

Man oh man!!!!!!! .....We got home from work today and it was a beautiful evening.It is officially Spring and what a great night to start it off with. We get home and Gup was so wanting to grill out ,it was the perfect evening for it. So we were trying to decide what to eat ,like usual, and came up with kabobs... Neither of us have ever even attempted to make or cook a kabob before ....So I call the expert...My dad. I get the run down on how to do it and off we go .... Man they are as fun to make as they are to eat. I really enjoyed them. We did find out that potatoes are not the best thing for one. It just takes way to long for a potatoe to cook,especially on the grill. They were way to hard to eat. I would have also liked the onions to have been a little more done, but all in all they were yummy. The pineapple on the other hand...was sooooo juicy,it was fabulous. Does anyone know the trick to getting the veggies and the meat just right together?

Our Masterpiece:
kabobs 009

kabobs 013

I think next time I am going to leave out the potatoes and add some tomatoes instead...I bet that would rock!!

While at the grocery the strawberries looked so good so I got some for dessert. I can not eat strawberries without Cool Whip ...So I go over to get me some.... and I found this.

kabobs 016

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! That is all I can say about this stuff. I didn't know it even exsisted. Why hasn't anyone told me about this yummy, chocolatey,whipped goodness before? You guys have been holding back on me. I combined it with my wonderful strawberries and it is what I imagine they will feed us in Heaven...It was that good.

kabobs 019

yes I know it is in a toddler I love this plate for this very reason. It is the only one we have that is divided like that.

I really really recommend all of you go out and try chocolate Cool Whip ...My oh MY!!! You can eat this stuff right out of the container with a spoon and it tastes like fluffy light mousse...MMMMMmmmMMMmmmMMm!!! I remember eating regular Cool Whip frozen and pretending it was ice cream when I was a kid... hey it was cheap


  1. Enjoy the arrival of Spring! Those food pics look absolutely yummy!!!:-)

  2. I love the vanilla cool wip :)...This sounds really good though too.
    Potatoes on the grill - pre-cook them in the micro wave and that add them to you kaboob. Works great.

  3. my mouth is watering!!! can I come over for dinner?

  4. So does this mean I don't have to make chocolate covered strawberries anymore?! You are planning to feed this heavenly dish to the LA, aren't you? Remember, no dairy in Cool Whip.

  5. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Maybe you could par-boil the potatoes before cabobing them???

    I wish my family would eat like that... healthy stuff!

  6. So glad Spring is here. We are having a cookout this weekend with some friends and may just have to try this.

    The strawberries look so good!

    Good thing it's almost lunch time:)

    Thanks for sharing the great yummmmmy picture with us!

  7. Ok, when I first got here..I read that title as "kaboobs" and I thought, what in the world is she talking about? I did a double take. :)

    The kabobs look wonderful! I've had the cool is no longer allowed in this house. I wouldn't lose a bit of weight if it was. ;)

    I have your surgery day marked on my calendars!

  8. Mmmm That cool whip looks so good but alas that only kind of cool whip in my house is eaither light or Free. I am doing Weight Watchers and think They would flog me if I even thought about it. I am new to you blog found it by way of Eph2810

  9. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Your photos of the food were mouth watering Present Storm!

    I don't know about the kabobs, yours were chock full of goodies! We usually only stick oncions and green peppers on ours. (With beef or chicken)


  10. Anonymous9:16 AM

    You can do potatoes but the key is to put the them together with other things that will take that long to grill.. (my experience is that there isnt much else though that takes that long) .. I'd just fix the potatoes separately..

    you've got my mouth watering.. YUMM!!!

  11. Those Kabobs look delicious! YUM! We have begun grilling alot more now too, I so love spring and summer! Yippee!

    I absolutely LOVE cool whip! I can eat it right out of the container... till it is gone! I haven't tried the chocolate kind yet, but it is on the list!

    (looks at watch) It's lunch time... YES!

    Have a great afternoon!

  12. Now I hate you.. one more great picture of food and I'm driving down there to smack you.. lol

    Every thing looks yummylicious though.

    I'd say blanch the potataes next time.. or give them a quick cooking in the microwave.. It alway depends on the size of the veggies, according to how fast they cook..

    Chocolate coolwhip is evil. Do they make it in light? lol You know what is good.. chocolate grahmn crackers with cool whip inside, then put them in the freezer.. They taste like ice cream sandwiches almost.. but they are one point each... for WW.. lol

    But I can't find chocolate grahms sp? anymore.. ugh


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