Friday, March 24, 2006

It's a real good thing I do not

So after pre Op yesterday we went to my allergist to get my allergy shot. I usually have to take a clarinex or alavert right before my shot so I do not have a bad reaction. welllll they did not have any around and had to give me She might as well of handed me a fifth of whiskey. I mean I was so loopy Guppy and I went to Garden Ridge to look around for lil one's birthday... They had scrapbooking stuff way cheap and she LOVES to scrapbook. Anyway ...lolI could not control myself in there I was embarrassing myself. I kept trying to take Gups shirt off ...I had this huge fascination with his butt Apparently I did not embarass him enough because he wanted to look at every single thing in the By the time we left I was leaning on him about to fall asleep standing ... I know I had to be comical to anyone else looking at us ...She gave me another one for my next weeks shot. The funny thing is ... I usually take it at work about an hour before I get off ... I am thinking I will NOT be doing that next week ...lmao Although it might make work a little more fun ..hehehehe !!!

Anyway I have yet to metion my renter this week and it shows. I really need to pimp her blog today because she is leaving soon and has had very few visitors. So can you all do me a favor and be a pal and hop on over to visit Pupsickle... I really like her blog. She is funny:) and her doggie is adorable....Thanks in advance !!! Ya'll are the ...... Stormii out!!


  1. My son used to take Zyrtec... now I wonder if he ever felt loopy too! It would be hard to tell, he is one goofy kid all the time! haha

    Heading over to check your renter!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. The images of you and Gup in the store made me laugh out loud!! :) You know how to party allergy girl.

  3. LMAO! wow... how many zyrtecs did you take? 'coz all it does is make me sleepy! guppy must have been having the time of his life!;)

  4. Thanks for the link advice, your directions sound pretty clear. i will let you know how it goes.
    Allergy time is upon us...

  5. You are just too funny :). I think I would leave that stuff alone if you have such a reaction. I had the same reaction with one kind of PMS medication, but I forgot which one. On the other hand it was good I took it, because I thought everything was funny. :)

  6. He might be stock piling zrytec now.. lol

    Too funny..

    I probably just would have fallen asleep..


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