Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Feeling better and BB6 update

I am feeling so much better then I did monday night .I am still not ready to go back to work. Yesterday I could not stand or sit for to long a period ..I laid down mostly and put a heating pad on.There is nothing they can do for it really .Rest is basically it.Luckily I have a strong immune system because I am a fast healer .I think I will be ready for work either tomorrow or friday .I just do not want to go back too early and injure myself worse .I have to do alot of lifting so I do not want to chance it until I am ready .Thank you all for the nice comments :).It is nice to know there are people that care out there, ya know .

Ok on to Big Brother .I did get to watch it and I was bummed that James got it .He didn't take all the ropes off and should have got a time penalty for that in my opinion .Although at this point in the game I hope he wins the whole thing ( after Janelle leaves of course ) .Just because everyone in the house was to stupid to get him out .Including Kaysar I hate to say :( .Everyone got too focused on stupid stuff at the beginning and let James pretty much walk away with the game now .It was very stupid of Beau to let James play for veto ..Although it worked o ut for Beau since James did not use it .I am hoping that Howie goes as much as I hate to say that .I would just love Rachelle to stay to get on Ivettes nerve I also think that Janelle and Rachel are must smarter than Howie .I am hoping that thursday Janelle gets HOH and puts up Ivette and Maggie .One of those two need to go .


  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear that you hurt yourself! It sounds like you are getting better quickly though, but dont try to overdo it!!

    take care,

  2. YAY! You are feeling better! Good to hear. I HOPE James wins it all...seriously. He really has played the game better than anyone. Problem is, I'm not sure the jury would vote for him. I guess it all depends on who is up against him. I think Rachel is going to go for sure. If they are smart, they will vote her off. She IS Howie's brains afterall.

  3. Yeah.. glad to hear your feeling better!

    Yes, I too hope James wins it all. I cannot believe he has lasted this long. I am afraid Rachel may be leaving... If the "friends" are smart. She IS Howies brain. It will be interesting!


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