Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I am so disgusted with the whole thing ....

For all of you regular readers of mine that do NOT watch Big Brother ...shame on you, you do not know what you are missing ..lol OHHH the drama .....Just kidding ...but I do wantto apologize for my posts until the show ends ...lol because I will most likely be posting after every show from here on out ...lol I am so very disgusted with the whole show situation right now that all I have to say is ...GRRRRRRRRRRR bitches ..lol

Here are some hot pics of Kaysar while we still have him in the house for two more days ..damn the luck that he won't even be in the sequester house for us to see him ...:( BITCHES!!!! Ok ok without further ado:

Damn I am hoping for a miracle this week like the diamond veto ......Please let it be a diamond veto week !!!!!!!!Please let Kaysar find it ......I wonder if I can do a Jedi mind trick on Kaysar ...Use the force Kaysar ...USE the force ....lol
Damn I hope that works ...lol


  1. ugh girl..you know i can't even post yet...

    I was seething... LOL

    Nice pics...oh la la I shall miss his smile if he goes *sigh*

    There's STILL hope..right? Please say there is..

  2. ther eis still hope ...COME ON BB help us out here ...KAYSAR NEEDS YOUR HELP !!!!...You think they heard me?..lol

  3. There is no hope....

    Kaysar is dumber than he looks... He's getting voted out for the second time.

    Go Janelle!!!! Go Howie!!!!


    and Busto was her name-o!!!

  4. get out of my comment box you evil evil man ..lol How dare you say there is no hope ...shooooooo shooo I say

  5. Oh my gosh..Storm....

    Are you having fish for dinner tomorrow? I say you fry it up and I'll come with the flowers and wine.. LOL

  6. I am on it girlie :) Come on over ...lol

  7. DAMN! First Stephanie- the best female ever to play the game of Survivor- and now this. DAMN!!!!!!

    I am so mad....

  8. Do you know how many damn times I voted??? Do you know???

  9. Girl...I can't even speak...actually seeing it is so much worse than reading it!! Hey, don't you just love how he plays with his hair..damn he is HOT!
    Ok, I have to agree with guppy, here, he is not as smart as I once thought. He should have never given up HOH to jenn...on her word. You can NOT trust others in a game like this!!

    Come on BB...save Kaysar somehow, some way!! AMerica wanted him!!!

    By the way...my yahoo IM is angiedi70...anytime darlin', IM me!!

  10. If he leaves again...I'm SO done! I can't even talk about it right now...I could just KILL someone. Where is Jenn????????

  11. What was he THINKING giving up HOH!! I mean COME ON.. to a WOMAN???? DOH! He'll be thinking about that one for a long long time to come.

    That 3rd picture he is soooo hot!! I love the dark mysterious look... yummy!

    SOOOOO glad I found your blog and have someone to dish with!

  12. Anonymous12:03 PM

    i screamed "BITCH" as it happened--but i knew it-- i felt it at the beginning of the show-- I HATE HER and stupid April and Ivette-- hate hate hate-- evil whores! anyways! Im rootin for James now-- slithery snake-- after this crap--he deserves to bite away at those bitches-- 'nuff said!

  13. You've been TAGGED....


  14. I'm mad, disgusted, and disappointed. Sure--all this "playing the game" stuff, but Jen has the nerve to talk about James' lies, and then does this double talking BS?

  15. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Damn,, and I thought the picture Ang had posted was making it really hot in here! I have to start watching this show on the nights I am off. I have to go check the tvguide site now and see when it's on.
    Ya think if we all do the jedi mind trick at the same time it would help??


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