Saturday, August 13, 2005

When did our 7 year old turn 15 ?

Ok since when did this little girl that I use to lay clothes out for and totally do her clothes shopping while she was in school turn into lil miss gotta be cool looking?
She starts second grade monday and is just cracking me up with some of the things she has said and done this last week since returning to us from her mom's .Her mom took her clothes shopping for their supplies ....(Lil one has a totally different life here and there ..her own room with her own clothes and toys on both ends they do not go back and forth) ...anyway ... She comes home with this cute little book bag from the GAP.Well she decides last night when we had to run to the grocery for a few things she is going to wear it ...We had to inform her that it is not something you wear to the grocery store it is to put school supplies in for school ..I made the terrible mistake of calling it a backpack . She informed me real fast it is a BOOK bag NOT a backpack.Also that she wanted to "look cool " since when ?...Also this got me the most ,I have never seen this side of her at all ,she wanted to keep the GAP tags on the backpack.

Me : "Um,Heather don't you think we should take these tags off here ?
Lil one :"Nooooooo,I want to keep them on there "
me:"why in the world would you want to do that ?Do you see tags still on my purse?"
lil one :I want everyone to think that it is new and see that it is from the Gap ."

I look at Guppy ( we laugh at people like that and call them label whores ) and I say in a whisper ...omg are we raising our own lil label whore?...He laughs and says "It looks like it " .

I am hoping that she grows out of that ..I mean it is ok to be successfull and to want nice things and certain brands are better then other I know this .There are certain things that I love by certain labels .BUTTTTTT I do not go around advertising the fact that they are bought from here and blah blah ...I have known people to be decked out in nothing but Tommy stuff Ambercrombie stuff ..That is nuts to be ..To each his own I guess but I would not want to raise a child to be such a snob ...

She has also decided what she is going to wear the first day of school and the second and what shirt will go with which outfit When did this happen ?What happened to needing me to help her dress ...*sigh* she is getting way to old way to fast ..

I think her theme song should be Lil Miss Independence

I have the perfect pic of what we would call a label whore I will post in my next post Have a happy Saturday !!!!!!


  1. That's funny! They grow up quick don't they? My daughter starts 3rd grade this year....oh joy! :)

  2. LOL! You have your hands full :)

  3. Anonymous9:55 PM

    my oldest daughter went through a phase like that, went right into high school, but she's over it now. funny how things change now that she a poor struggling student.

  4. waiting for the pic of the label whore,lol.
    I'm sort of a label whore but don't care to be public about it. so I guess i'm a closet label whore. I just perfer namebrands, i think they are softer,more durable and a lot of times cuter *wink*


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