Monday, August 22, 2005

Awwwe what a sweet lil TWELVE-GAUGE??!! WTF

Yesterday I was going through the online birth announcements for the little po-dunk town in Kentucky that I lived in before moving here three years ago.It was like on their official website .Anyway, I have a few friends that I have not really been in contact with recently that I knew were expecting .It is such a small town chances are that I would know quite a few in the paper .Turns out that I did not know any My,the things that have changed since I moved.I did, however,see these two quite interesting (to say the least ) names in there ..I copied and pasted the whole thing .I swear I am not making this up

Here is name number 1 :( what in the world were they thinking ?)Wow they must REALLY be into guns .

I would like to introduce Tratteele Twelve-Gauge Prince! He was born June 15th 2004 at 8:59am. He weighed 6lbs 6oz and was 19 1/2 inches! I have yet to meet him and am excited to hold him! He was born in Lethbridge Alberta Canada and his mom is Amanda Prince. Posted: 8/27/04

This one just seems a little well ..ummmmm sexual, especially if you change the middle name to Mike .Does anyone else get why this one was funny to me?I hope I am not the only one that starts cracking up when they see this one

Ricky and Veronica Hunt would like to announce the birth of their son Adin Michael Hunt on May 18, 2004. Adin wieghed 7lbs 3oz, 21 inches long. He was born at Springview Hospital in Lebanon. Adin has one brother Jackson and one sister Kristin. The proud grandparents are David and Deronda Eastridge and Tommy and Arlene Hunt. His great grandparents are Colby and Gloria Deener and Malcome and Alene Eastridge and Della Hunt. Posted: 7/28/04


  1. Okay I know it's late but I SWEAR I could not get the joke in the 2nd one! :( I'm a total looser.

    The first one however is totally scary!! Did you notice they are from Canada! Hmm.. do they have rednacks there?


  2. Girl, if you like (or hate) to see bad baby names...go to and click on the bad baby names link. You will laugh...and cry! :)

  3. So- you think these kids will get teased about their names? Well, maybe not "twelve-guage". And wouldn't you think that at least one of Aden Michael's relatives would have spoken up? Someone must have seen that movir(was it Porky's? )
    Another new look for you?

  4. LOL, mind boggling really!

    The twelve gauge one is just too damn much. How much of a hick do you have to be to name your kid after a freakin firearm? Sheesh!

  5. Puremood: I've got hicks in my family... it's easy to steroetype when you live it! LOL How many non-hicks you know that would name their kid after a firearm? lmao

  6. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Hey guys!

    I'm from Lethbridge Alberta. It may be a little late for this response but any ways here i go!
    When i first read this little boys name Tratteele Twelve-gauge Prince i thought what the hell was this girl thinking! Why in the world name your child a stupid name like that! My friends boyfriend was served with documents claiming that he was the father of this child and he needed to get DNA testing done. With a two month wait my friends boyfriend wasnt the father and the other three werent as well. So the poor childs name was up to the mother!


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