Sunday, August 14, 2005

Last nights dinner

I realized today that I haven't had hardly any traffic at all this weekend .I am assuming everyone is busy with family and out doing cool weekend activities sooooo .I am posting mindless babble This is what I made for dinner last night it was yummy :)I started with some sweet onion,mushroom,and oregano and sauteed it in extra virgin olive oil .

Then I added some extra lean ground beef ...

Then my secret ingredient ..I love this sauce the best when I do not have time to make my own ,which is always these days Ohhhhh the days when I had time to make my own sauce and simmer it all day ...Oh well .This is very good also ..

Here is a picture of my bowl .I sauteed some zucchini with a little garlic powder,basil,oregano in extra virgin olive oil and added it to mine .(lil one and hubby do NOT like zucchini )

Here is a picture of hubby's bowl after sprinkling some freshly grated parmesean and ramono on it .It was so Yummy that we had it for lunch today as well :)



  1. Anonymous1:43 PM

    i love zucchini, it's one my favorite vegetables
    i really enjoy seeing these blogs about food, gives you different ideas on what to make for dinner sometimes, cuz whenever i ask my gang what they want, they always say they don't care, until they sit down to eat! grrrrrrrr
    your dinner looks great

  2. Anonymous4:06 PM

    oh yes, my mouth is actually watering! (no lie) and I can almost smell that aroma from Indiana ...thank goodness I haven't eaten dinner yet.

  3. My traffic has been slow too! Everyone out getting ready for school, I guess?

  4. I'm SO hungry right now...and after reading this, now even moreso! Looks yummy!

  5. THat does look very YUMMY!!!

  6. I am starved! LOL Man, that looks delicious!

  7. That looks wonderful! How could anyone NOT like zucchini?

    I like the colors of your blog too!

  8. That look hillbilly hubby would NEVER eat it I will make it one evening for the kids and myself and he can have a frozen .99 pizza...LOL...I LOVE YOUR NEW TEMPLATE!!!


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