Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Praise God !!!

I had to go back to work last night to get ready for yet another inspection at work .I have fallen behind with my help being gone for over a month so I was trying to play catch up .I went back in at about 7pm and at about 9:15 I got this awful pain in my abdomen area ...At first I was like ok this will pass in a minute and continued to try and work .I even tried using the bathroom thinking it was a gas pain or something ,although an intense one it was .I tried for about another 15 minutes or so to push past the pain and work .Part of my job is very physical and it was killing me to try and continue working .I was on the verge of tears it hurt so badly .So I call Guppy and tell him to go ahead and come get me .Thank God he had driven me to work ( I have a hard time seeing at night while driving ) because I do not think I could have driven home last night .It was THAT painful .I get home and go straight to the bed to lay down .It hurt to breathe ,it hurt to stand .It was very painful .I was initially worried my appendix had ruptured or something .I laid down and realized it felt much better ...I drifted off to sleep .I woke up this morning with every intention to go into work .That was not happening .I woke up to pee this morning and I was still in alot of pain .So Guppy called work for me while I slept and then we got up to go to the ER .Let me just say I do not go to the hospital often so for me to do that I really have to think something is the matter .Well every since I found out that I had high blood preasure I have been scared to go to the Dr. period ..Anyway that is another story ..lol I have really been working on not fearing things but trusting in God .I called my mother this morning and we prayed .I also repeated my favorite verse for me .I do not have a spirit of fear ,but of power,love,and a sound mind over and over .We get to the ER and they were busy .Had a few critical patiients so we waited about an hour .That was fine it gave me even more time to pray .I was really working on my faith .That is something that I struggle with when it comes to myself for some reason .I am much better at having faith for others .They take me back and my blood preasure is awesome .Praise God ...I was excited .I expected it to be elevated with my slight anxiety .They check me over and let me know it is not apendix or gallbladder .Praise God for that too ....They take urine and give me an I.V. and take quite a bit of blood for lab work .I had calmed down my nerves a bit after my BP was good .Blood work got me a lil anxious again but Guppy and I kept saying out loud .It is going to be ok .By the blood of Jesus I am I /you are going to have a report from the Lord and it is going to be good .We waited what seems like forever but I think it was about 35 minutes or so .Dr. returns and says .....Your blood work is excellent ..YEAHHHHHHHHHH PRAISE GOD !!! THANK YOU LORD ...Man I wanted to get up and kiss that DR. I did however say to him "YOU ROCK!!!".lol The lady that had taken my blood asked if I was taking vitamens and I said no .She seemed suprized by that because my blood was so good and my iron counts and some other stuff was so good .I told her that since I was told that I had high blood preasure I have totally changed my eating habits and I eat much healthier .She told me it really shows in my blood work .I was wayyyyy excited that my determination and life style change is showing in my health :) I am so excited that Jesus answered our prayers that I am going to be ok .Come to find out I just pulled a ligament in my abdomen/groin area .Apparently my manager and Co manager are upset at me for calling in today ...the day of the inspection but you know what .I will pray for them tonight because my health is so much more important then that job .I take my job seriously don't get me wrong ....but my health is much more important then that ..I can always find another job is how I look at that .( excuse any misspellings or gramatical errors ..this was typed without planning or thought or even proofreading .. Just a very raw post ) ....


  1. I am sooo glad you are ok!! God does answer prayer! :)

  2. Praise Him, is right! Hope you're feelin' much better now :)

  3. Glad you are ok, I was worried as I read, but I figured by the title it was all going to turn out ok. It's really good you have that attitude toward work too, I agree that your health is more important. Stay well!

  4. Whoa.. what a roller coaster! I am so glad your going to be okay. Did they give you anything for the pain? What did they say to do about it?

    Hooray on the "normal" BP! Praise God sounds like what ever your doing is working.

    Hope your feeling better!

    Did you get to watch BB?

  5. I'm glad it wasn't anything serious. Good for you on the good eating and the kick ass bloodwork!!
    Forget about your work being mad. Your health is definitely more important!

  6. I'm so glad you're ok. That's my fave bible verse too. My mom used to recite it to me whenever I would worry about something. Good for you for putting your health first.

  7. Thank God you are ok. I hope the muscle/ligament heals quickly and you are back to 100% soon. To heck with work, they'll get over it! Take care of yourself!!


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