Thursday, August 11, 2005


OMG yes ...AMERICA , You rock !!!!!! For all of you out there in Blogdom ..Thank you Thank you for voting Kaysar back in ....BY 82% of the vote no less ...That so Rocks !!!
And to think that those crazy biaaatches thought that Crappy stole Americas heart ..Paaaahhhleeezzeeee people, buy a clue ..I am just so excited I could fart


Thank you all for all the nice words about the house and about my bad day . You guys rock :)

Everyone go on over now to PureMood's place and help her name her new guinea pig baby girl :)

Update :This is something we got from the live feed that I thought I would share since it is in no way a spoiler ....As for now and it is 10:15 cst they are all still holding the buttons ok then this :
"Kaysar is telling about his birthday yesterday. He's depressed, feels "over the hill". Since he was sequestered, no family or friends, and got no presents. And he baked a cake for himself."

Ahhhhhhh that sucks that Kaysar had to bake himself a cake ..I bet he doesn't forget this birthday though


  1. I was just ove at pure mood's place and I am going to sleep on it...this whole business about giving the guinea pig a name is very important and I don't want to screw it up:)

  2. go Kaysar!!! i'm so happy he's back. but too bad that he had to bake his own cake... but, what a guy.;)

  3. aww, thanks for linking Miss Piggy up LOL She's still nameless, I hope to have a name picked out by today. I emailed you back - thanks so much for your advise :)

    I assume this post is otherwise about BB? I don't watch it so didn't have a clue :)

  4. Aw, that is SO SAD. I {{{{Heart}}} Kaysar so much! And your totally nice husband let me in on HOH so I don't have to be in suspense until tomorrow! And I was laughing when Maggie and them were saying that stuff about CRAPPY, yeah one liked him...GOT IT??? Well they should now! Happy Friday girl...

  5. Go Kaysar! I simply would have had to vomit if it had been Cappy and Ivette was squealing all over him!

    I had read some "polls" that said it was very close--I suppose they were faked for the publicity.

    Happy weekend--off the see the piggy.

  6. i was insanly happy to know he's back - MUHAHAHHAHAHHA

  7. Anonymous2:45 PM

    hey, i was already at puremoods today and left a name. have a great day!


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