Thursday, August 25, 2005

Calgon take me away ....

Oh I am so tired of shit .I am tired of guinea pig shit ..I am tired of Gizmo shitting everywhere .How can so much shit come out of a puppy that only weighs 8 lbs .? Luckily our 100lb dog knows to use the potty OUTSIDE..How can so much stink come from such a small little turd ?How come he roams the yard and pees and then jumps around playing or runs to the door .I bring him in and next thing I know he has shit in the house .This morning he made a nice little poop circle in the hall ..five turds all in a perfect circle ..What the hell is that about?I don't know and I really don't care ..I just am ready for hubby to come home and deal with it for awhile .I put the puppy in it's kennel today and it escaped ...What next from this little shitter ? I am off to take a nice looooonnnnnnng hot shower ...Hopefully I will come out in a much better mood ...Atleast it will smell better in there ...God where is my febreeze .....shhhhhhhhhhhhessssshh it reeks in here .How can such a small turd smell that bad for so long after it is removed ? Maybe I should submit that one to the burning question....Ok Calgon ...I am on my way !!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ha! I have a 14 week old puppy. So much shit too. Unfortunately, I live in a high rise and I don' thave time to take his little furry butt outside every 15 min. so now he shits in a litter box. Good for me, good for him. EXCEPT that he is going to be 120 pounds when grown and you can't fit turds or piss of 120 pounds of dog into a litter box. I then read that if you paper train, you can't always succesfully train them to be completely housebroken. oops. I totally fucked up.

    Anywya, what kind of dog do you have? My friend used to have a husky and he told me that huskies and malamutes poop in a circle. Like a stone henge of shit...

  2. "Potty Training" a dog is the worst. So much shit, all the time.

  3. Have a lovely sweet smelling bath!!! My Sophie still messes up sometimes but at least the only place she poops is on the bath mat right under the toliet. I think she wants to go in the toliet but that's as close as she can get! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh and P.S. I invited you on google talk....ACCEPT! ACCEPT! :)

  4. Ugh I so don't envy you!!! Sounds like he may have the runs, and he's having a tough time pinching it off. You may be feeding him too much for his size. Are you feeding him more than once a day?? Are you allowing him to play outside long enough?? Also be sure to put him out the minute he poops... so he starts to learn. Training a puppy is so hard!

  5. he doesn't have the runs ...It is a weinerdog/taco bell dog mix .I am not feeding him more then once a day ...he is just full of shit .arrgggggg!!! How did I let Guppy talk me into a puppy ?

  6. LOL! buyer's remorse?!!

    one of the reasons i haven't gotten a dog yet is 'coz i hate the responsibility of cleaning up after it.;)

    i know you'll love your little puppy anyhow. don't we all?;)

  7. sorry about all the shitting. I sure hope the shower helped ya feel better.

  8. Anonymous9:41 PM

    awww, and another reminder why we will never have pets.
    sorry kids.

  9. That's why our dog is outside! I've never be without a pet... just not in the house! Well, expect my cat - but she's good :)

  10. You gotta luv puppies! Before ya know it he will be house broken, if not I know some good carpet cleaners!

  11. EW, ew, ew. I have horror stories about our basset hounds and their need to SHIT everywhere even after going outside. I almost killed them when they shit on my BED and PISSED on my PILLOW and shit in my SWEATER that was laying flat to dry on my BED.

    I think they were possessed by satan...truly really, truly lol

    SOrry hon....btdt...

    I have to say..bath and body has the BEST plug in air freshners...

    make sure you get a good enzyme spray to remove the smell or he might keep doing it

  12. Oh the joys of puppyhood! I don't know why dogs do that, my dog sometimes does that but not all the time. I'm been very lucky with my gizmo. Today I brought him over to my boyfriends house for the first time and he marked his territory right on the couch! He knows better! but when i look at that darn cute face, it's hard to be upset with him.

    Good luck :)


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