Monday, August 01, 2005

Making Childhood Memories

I guess there comes a time in a little girls life when the instinct to become a good mommy sets in . That time is now for our lil Heather .She was four years old when gramma got her this doll for Christmas and she thought it was cool and all but didn't pay it really that much attention without a little coaxing .

I think all the adults were more intriqued by it then she was .It was cool that they could actually make a doll that looks like a child . They even go as far as to sell clothes that match and things like casts and wheelchairs and such . When Heather broke her arm skating gramma sent off and got a cast for Heidi as well . It was very cool that they could go through that together .

Here is a picture of them playing dress up together a few years ago ....

The last few years Heidi has been a few places like the Circus ( I will e-mail my mother _in _ law for some pics of that and post them ) Heidi and her both got their faces painted like clowns ,it was adorable . But over all Heidi has mostly just hung out in Heather's room .Well for the last week Heidi has been attached to Heather constantly ..She has finally taken an interest to her baby which is cool but comes at a time when all the clothes that they had that matched are to small for Heather now . MIL used to be able to get matching outfits for both fairly cheap at Old Navy but that only went to 4T ...Needless to say she is way out of that at age 7 so she is talking about ordering some clothes from My Twinn again but they are way expensive . My MIL really is a good sport .The cool thing about these dolls also is when your are to grown to play with your My Twinn anymore you can send it in and they will restore it back for you to keep for life . I think that is awesome . I am not really sure what the sole purpose of this post is So if I sound like I am rambling or the story does not flow well I apologize

Heather went in Sunday and dressed herself and Heidi before I had a chance to go in and lay her clothes out ( which I usually do ) When they came out to show me what she had picked for them she was so proud of herself I did not have it in me to tell her she was not matching at all ...Soooooo they ended up both going to the movies to see Charlie and the Chocolate factory dressed just like this Minus the medusa hair do ..I did brush her hair ..lmao

Here is a pic of the "matching " outfits ( no amount of convincing would get her to change them both into blue jeans instead of pink ) So we figured she is proud we will just let her be a kid and be the little proud mommy that she is :

For our wedding my MIL made Heather a lil snow princess cape and made Heidi one also ...Thay came out so cool ..I wish we had a pic of her and Heidi in them ..Maybe this winter before Heather outgrows hers . Here is a pic of it .These things were like 75 dollars at the bridal store and they were not even lined for warmth . My MIL lined it with soft fleece to keep her warm since we married in November in Kentucky .It was a lil chilly

Anyway I would suggest anyone that had thought about getting one to do it ..They are very cool and will last a lifetime .Heather is making great childhood memories with hers . My MIl even told me today that when Heather gets married she is going to make Heidi a lil wedding dress as well so she will have the doll she has had her whole life on the most important day of her life look like her once again .I think it is an awesome idea . I do not know about you but I have very fond memories of my favorite doll . She was a baby alive .Did any of you have one of those ? What was your favorite doll / toy as a child ?


  1. I was too much of a tomboy to play with dolls. It killed my mother that I didn't liuke Barbies!

    Cute pictures!

  2. Like Heather I didn't play with dolls much either - tho I had some. My daughter; however, loves them... for now, anyway.

  3. Oh my, I had one of those I think. Didn't it come with packaged food that you made with water and the doll looked like it was eating it??? And sucking the bottle? If that is what you are thinking of then I had one too and loved it! And of course I played Barbies until way passed my time since I had a sister 6 years younger than me :)

  4. I didn't have many dolls I had a snoopy dog collection. One was pretty large and he was my drag arund and tea party buddy.

    My Girls have kittens. They take care of them feed them play with them and I am pretty amazed at the little mothers they have become with them. The dolls and such they don't have much use ofr it seems, they are collecting dust.

  5. I had a variety of dolls. My favorite depended on the mood I was in. The one that shows the most wear, though, is a Madame Alexander baby. I trimmed her hair, put make-up on her, etc.

    I'm thinking of getting my youngest a My Twinn, but she already has 10 dolls..

  6. Anonymous9:40 AM

    It's sad.. i cant remember having a favorite doll. I had cabbage patch dolls. I had two twin boys and then 2 or 3 girl cabbage patch dolls and a few of the babies. I had a rainbow brite and a few others. But I had enough barbies to create a mini army with.

    (I couldnt get it to load all the way to ask me for my info)

  7. We were into Barbie growing up. My grandfather even made furniture from scratch for us. Little beds and tables, dressers, little couches etc etc. He was so cool.

    This was agreat post... love the pics. Heather is such a sweet heart.

  8. My baby doll was named Emily. I took her everywhere. My Grandma would knit little sweaters and blankets for her. My mom would buy real diapers for her, even had a real baby carseat for her and stroller. I loved hat baby so much, treated her as if she was real.
    Now my daughter has a doll and without my coaxing or name ideas she named her Emily and she goes everywhere with us.
    And those pics of your daughter are so sweet :)

  9. awww, too cute. I always wondered about those..but none of our relatives buy our kids stuff..they send cash for b-days and holidays but just buying them things..nope

    We like the american girl dolls them..and the books are awesome but those mytwinns are way cool.

    My youngest girl would have it..the other wasn't into dolls at first and she's so rough on stuff no one would buy her a doll that cost that

    I was thinking you should try ebay for the outfits..I've seen auctions for twinn stuff and american girl stuff.

    and oh my goodnits about the cape..that is soooo pretty. What a beautiful outfit..bride and gown. I love those long gowns but I'd be stepping all over it.. LOL

    Where in KY did you get married? My grandma is from lexington..

  10. My mother bought us Madame Alexander dolls--but we lost their clothes and cut their hair. I also remember one that had red hair (like me) and you could make it grow by pushing a button in her back. Maybe she was named Christy or Chrissy??

  11. Oh my Gosh yes my very favorite doll was a baby alive...I waited so loooong for her and I just have the fondest memories of her! I loved dolls but she was the ultimate one!


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