Saturday, August 06, 2005

100 Stormi Things

100 Stormi Things ....
1.I am not at all sure that I can come up with 100 things about me .
2.My favorite candy is chocolate covered gummi bears.
3.The only place I can find them is back home in Kentucky at Cracker Barrel .
4.I am 30 years old .
5. I have been married twice .
6.The first time, I started dating him at 16 ,got married at 18 ,divorced him at age 27 .
7.I met my soul mate online ,on Paltalk .
8.We married last year on 11-11-04 .
9 .It was the best decision of my life .
10 . I proposed to him ,online, in an e-mail before we ever met in person.
11. All this was very out of character to me but it felt right .
12.Neither of us was looking for love , we were both unhappily married to others , but it just happened .
13.I miss under roos ....I had Barbie ones and wonder woman ones .
14. My heroes as a child were Daisy Duke , Wonder Woman ,and Barbie .
15. I am not a natural red head but often wish I was .
16 . I was Born in Kentucky ,February of 1975.
17. I moved to Las Vegas , Nevada when I was 6 years old .
18 . I stayed until age 17 .
19. I dropped out of school in my 12th grade year, last semester ,after making the A/B honor roll.
20. It was not my intention to drop out at that point ,I moved from Vegas to be with my family again with my soon to be husband ( the now ex-husband ) .
21. I went to enroll in the school in Kentucky to finish my year and hated it 5 minutes after stepping foot in the school .
22. So at age 17 I made the stupid decision not to return to High School .
23. My ex-husband found a tutor that prepared people for the G.E.D. test ...
24. She pre-tested me and told me I did not need tutoring .
25. I took the G.E.D. test and aced it .
26. I was proud of that :)
27. They told us that the G.E.D. test was a harder test then those given as finals for the people still in school .
28. I am still not sure if I believe that or not but I am proud of myself for passing with flying colors .
29.I hate radishes .
30. I love tomatoes.
31 . I am allergic to everything it seems .
32. I was tested last year for allergies and I am allergic to about 50 or so things out of the 72 they tested for .
33. I currently get allergy shots every week to try and trick my body into thinking it is not allergic .
34. I love my Allegra ( my allergy meds ) .
35 . I also have allergy induced asthma which I have been able to keep very under control .
36. I have even taken myself off of my asthma meds and my breathing was the same ( yeah me !!!) .
37. I gave my life to Christ on July 11th 1993 .
38. My husband gave his life to Christ November 13th ,2002 .
39. I have never been more proud of him .
40. I collect Barbie .
41. I grew up with a pool in my backyard .
42. I loved it and wish I had one now .
43. I think I should have been a fish, I love being in the water .
44. It is one of my very favorite places to be .
45. I am now addicted to blogging .
46. My hubby started blogging before me and I used to think he spent way to much time doing it and that it was a little boring .
47. Now it is all clear to me
48. I think he created a monster
49. My husband is one of the most intelligent people I know.He is borderline genius but can not manage money to save his life
50 . I love him so much .
51. I have a wonderful Mother -in -law .
52. Come to think of it ...I always have ,my first one was awesome as well .
53. I am very family oriented and love spending time with them .
54. I love to cook and am pretty decent at it .
55. I love interior decorating .
56. I love to shop for men's clothes more then any other type of clothes shopping .
57. I have never given birth .
58. I have been pregnant twice .
59. I still have faith that I will give birth to a healthy baby one day .
60. I thank God that he prepared the way and blessed me with my beautiful step-daughter .
61. I love her like she was my own .
62. It is very hard sometimes being the stepmother .
63.I know she loves me but wish we had a stronger bond .
64. I love scrapbooking .
65. I wish I was better at it .
66. I know that will come with practice .
67. I love gardening ,it relaxes me
68. I hate grocery shopping ..I would rather go to the dentist .
69 . I love being in nature .
70. I love camping but have not been since becoming an adult.
71. I hate all meatloaf except my grandmothers .
72. My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor .
73. she lost a breast but is alive and cancer free .
74. I thank God for that :)
75. My mother is a uteran cancer survivor . ( she had a malignant tumor ) .
76. She is now cancer free .
77. I believe in miracles .
78. I truly believe God heals .
79. I have a dog named Daizii ( Daisy ) .
80. We love her very much ..she is a part of the family .
81. We adopted her from the animal shelter .
82. She is the most well mannered dog I have ever owned .
83. She loves Heather so much , and takes all of the abuse a 7 year old can dish out .
84. I love driving but am terrified of express/freeways .
85. I think Houston drivers are the worst in the world .
86. I am guessing because I have never been out of the U.S.A.
87. If I traveled out of America I would want to see Ireland or Italy .
88. I do not have the need to have a lot of acquaintances but I do cherish the few ,close , long term friendships that I have .
89 . I tend to take awhile to make very close friendships but when I do ..I keep them .
90. I do not trust people easily with the full me .
91. I still keep in touch with friends I have had since childhood.
92. I am very anal about a few things ...smelling good is one of them .
93. I have my tongue pierced and have for about 5 years now .
94. I work at Wal-Mart .
95. I have since I was 18 .
96 . That is twelve years for those not mathematically inclined
97. I started as a cashier , that only lasted for 7 months .
98 . I now have my own office .
99. I love Hockey and Football .
100 .I can not roll my r's therefore not being able to purr nor speak spanish very well without sounding very white

Wow I am proud of myself for making it to a hundred .....I am thinking about coming up with another 100 things soon ...


  1. I just thought this was very interesting. I am a christian also and you became a christian the day after i was born!

  2. youve never driven in south florida during "season" i take it.. its like a bumpcars blood bath

  3. Loved the 100! I also have animals who were unwanted--and think they make the best pets ever. I'd vote Boston for worst drivers--after being there a week, I finally felt like I'd figured it out when a blue-haired grandma gave me the finger!

    I'm moving to Houston in the next year--any advice??

    Her via Michele this time.

  4. put your seatbelt on and hold on for dear life !!!...lmao

  5. I *can* roll my r's and can purr but i can't speak spanish very well without sounding very white LMAO! ;)

    Here's my 100 Things incase you are bored LOL

  6. You 100 list was fun to read. When I started doing mine, I thought oh my goodness, I will never come up with 100 things, after doing 100, I am sure I could do 100 more.

  7. Michelle sent me. I like your list. i need to do that on my blog.

  8. Great list... chocolate covered gummie bears... sound delicish!

    Thanks for stopping by...

  9. Great list..:) I feel your pain on the rolling the r's thing. I was the class joke in

  10. very interesting, I may try this myself.
    We have a few things in common..
    1. I adore my MIL'S (ex too)
    2. I HATE going grocery shopping
    3.Think Houstonians are awful drivers (but all my family in Florida say "You should see the way people in Florida drive"
    4. My Husband works for Wally World too!!
    Enjoyed reading your post!!

  11. Love your list, girl! Fun to read. :)

  12. oh, that was so interesting...

    i met Christ when i was just a little one... then i lost Him sometime back in college.

    then He found me.

    i've never let go since.;)

  13. Anonymous2:46 PM

    good job on the 100, i'm the same on quite a few of them, our biggest one we share is the allergy thing, i went for shots about 10 years ago, it made such a difference, my asmtha is well under control, hang in there with yours, it will make such a difference


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